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I wonder is anyone has had problems with Shop Airlines, Inc. aka sekaimaon.com. on Ebay

I tried to get paid by them for 8 days. I submitted an Unpaid Item Case with no results. I asked Ebay twice for help and no response, which is very unusual. They are partners? with Ebay so I think they are protecting them.

I went ahead and canceled the auction and blocked them after 8 days when they stopped communicating. It seems many other sellers have had the same experience. During my investigation I found bigger problems. Our diecasts are delicate delicate item & a common occurence with such things is for the item to get damaged when they re-send it to Japan. It then gets returned and the seller is out of luck because Ebay will do nothing - especially because they are "partners" with these people. Ebay is also apparently cleaning up their feedback. This organization is a sham and a great disservice to the good customers I've had from Japan - usually the most reliable of overseas bidders.

Anyone else run into these people?

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