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Ebay find

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Saw this on ebay and decided to get it.

And there is a reason behind getting it, To add to the other one I got from a friend.
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Assuming it's the tooling that's at fault, it's soon for it to fail given that casting is only about 3 or 4 years old.

Strange thing to collect...strange is good!!! :thumbsup:
Now it has a brother.
Hi Lummox
I collect cougars anyways so these were a definite.
And Yes I'm definitely Strange. lol
Or maybe the tooling hates Cougars?????
great find. stupid question do mistakes like these make them more valuable.
Not a stupid Question Diablo_fire, to some maybe ,I just look at it as another variation.;)
Plastic vs Diecast....Go Figure

Like Jack Nickelson would say "You can't handle it".....meaning plastic and Diecast can't mix....Espeacially Plastic Chassis.....My opinion Guys!....:cool:
Congrats if this is what you like but many and I mean many Collectors have stopped buying Hot Wheels due to poor quality and plastic

Hot Wheels used to stand the test of time but not these Cars today as that plastic will be lucky if it makes it to a 10yr mark with normal outdoors play.

This is why I buy the older Diecast HWs and not the Plastic today :p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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