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East Tennessee Oval?

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I need your thoughts! Is this track RC raceable ?
It's 12 X 300 New asphalt, It's 35 min south of Knoxville, (Sweetwater)
I know very little about RC racing.

Any help...

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Looks nice. You could probably spray it and run foams. Caps will either work or they won't with the low banking.

It's hard to tell, but as long as it is smooth enough, you can race on it. I race every weekend on a flat asphault surface. We use foam bsr tires usually purples all the way around, and sometimes we get creative and put a double purple on the right front and a double pink on the left rear. Hope this helps.
What was it built for?

Only time caps won't work on asphault is if someone lets them run greasy prepped foams on it and then it's hard to stop sliding.

smoothness would be the biggest issue.

good location for racers I would think if it does work.
The smoothness is good, we've had a couple of karts on it,
It will be a kart "plus" track once its finished, This fall, we'll add the other
lanes, a total of 34 feet wide. all and all there will be 3 tracks total.
wheres the pic. i wanna see this kart/rc track thats 30 min from home
wheres the pic. i wanna see this kart/rc track thats 30 min from home
Send me a PM and a email, and I'll get you some info on the track.
I just got out of the hospital,with a hip fracture, been moving a little slow this week, track is just setting there. waiting on someone to use it.
If it gets to be 34' wide and that type of run line, look into also promoting it to the 1/4 scale crowd. That track would be very nicely located to several racers here on this side of the country.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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