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Easley Points race #2 (4-28-12)

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Lets hear it.... round two of the points is this weekend. Last time we had 16 cars, lets do better this go round. We had alot of new faces.

Bring em on!....

Robbie, Got your 6.6 last time... we'll be playin bumper tag this time!
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Sounds like fun to me Steve... I'm hoping we can see 6.5's this weekend!!!!

-Robbie Burgess
Robbie, I hear man, Ill have to put that match perfect, staggerd special set of tires I have on then......

Ken have fun at the beach. try racing the 5th at clover.
I know what ya mean HARRY lol...

I hope to see you and Ken at clover on the 5th, as long as I can get the new body done in time!

-Robbie Burgess
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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