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Got a couple of questions about Dzus Fasteners that some of you use to mount the sides of the bodies....
1) Length of button & size of wire?
2) Once wire is mounted on Lexan plates, what are you using to glue them into the foam?
3) Where to buy them?
Just tired of fooling with Velcro. Thanks all!

Ken Dillard #00

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Here is the place I got mine. Speedway Motors. They have been in business since 1952.

And the springs:

Summit Racing has them too:

You can use lexan or Kydex for the plate and glue it to the foam with Plumbing Amazing Goop Solvent. You can get this almost anywhere like Home Depot, Lowes, or local hardware store. Works good on fixing and reinforcing inside the body as well. I use it with sheetrock fiber tape mesh to fix riped lexan, holes or reinforce weak areas of the body...
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