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Figure I would start a new thread for the upcoming season here is a link to the track site . http://www.driverchobbies.com/forum/index.php I have Cut and posted from our site The schedule that Bobo AKA Suckfish has posted .

Hello guys & gals well it's almost the start of another Great Season is here at Drive Raceway.. we have come up with a season full of Fun and Excitement.. To get the season started we have come out with a full schedule of Racing. Point Series, trophy's, Enduro's everything FUN. I guess you heard enough for now let's get to the schedule...

October 22 - Season Opener - Plaque race
October 29 - Club Race - Start of Point Series 1

November 5 - Club Race - Point Series 2
November 12 - Club Race - Point Series 3
November 19 - Trophy Race
November 26 - Club Race - Point Series 4

December 3 - Club Race - Point Series 5
December 10 - Club Race - Point Series 6
December 17 - 1500 Lap Enduro - details to follow
December 23 - Special Friday Night XMas Party - Club Race
December 30 - Special Friday Night Black Light Night - Club Race
note: No Club Racing on Saturday the last two weeks of December due to Holidays

January 7 - Club Race - Point Series 7
January 14 - Club Race - Point Series 8
January 21 - Plaque Race
January 28- Club Race - Point Series 9

February 4 - Club Race - Point Series 10
February 11 - Club Race - Point Series 11
February 18 - 2500 Enduro are you Ready
February 25 - Club Race - Point Series 12

March 3 - Club Race - Point Series 13
March 10 - Club Race - Point Series 14
March 17 - Club Race - Point Series 15
March 24 - Club Race - end of Point Series "Champion Crowned"
March 31 - Club Race - End of Year Figure Eight Race

Okay well there you have it Drive Raceway schedule for this year of Exciting Racing... same as last year Test & Tune on Tuesday night and our normal Club Race will be on Thursday Nights.. Stay tuned for more updates we are all working hard behind the scenesto make this year Our Best Yet...

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Here is the info on our points series

Point Series Criteria

Race Dates are as follows:

Oct 29th
Nov 5th
Nov 12th
Dec 3rd
Dec 10th
Jan 7th
Jan 14th
Jan 28th
Feb 4th
Feb 11th
Feb 25th
Mar 3rd
Mar 10th
Mar 17th
Mar 24th
Prizes, trophies, & raffles @ end of Series

16 total weeks of racing with 2 drops allowed.

10 minute Mains
4 minute heats
6 cars per race.. Maximum
Using all DRIVE rules.(cars will go thru tech.)
Classes run will be Youth Stock .. Stock .. Modified losi Late Model and Box stock Losi Late Model
Any class large enough to have a B Main will offer a BUMP to the A Main for the 1st place finisher of that B Main!
5 will qualify for the A Main with the BUMP winner filling the 6th spot .

Race Fees will be at the new club rates.

1 car entry $15.00
Multiple car entries $10.00 per car

Enter 1 car your fee would be $15.00
Enter 2 cars your fee would be $20.00
Enter 3 cars your fee would be $30.00

1 car entry $10.00
Multiple car entry $7.00

Enter 1 car your fee would be $10.00
Enter 2 cars your fee would be $14.00
Enter 3 cars your fee would be $21.00

Points will be given for both qualifiers & mains.
Points as follows:

1st = 10 1st = 20
2nd = 9 2nd = 19
3rd = 8 3rd = 18
4th = 7 4th = 17
5th = 6 5th = 16
6th = 5 6th = 15
7th = 4 7th = 14
8th = 3 8th = 13
9th = 2 9th = 12
10th = 1 10th = 11

Running order for the Mains will be as follows:
Stock B
Stock Losi
Stock A
Modified Losi

The best of luck to all the racers!

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Well folks it's been a Major Renovation to Drive Raceway this year.. Track is now fully insulated, Track has been Expanded to 32 x 16 brand new Carpet. Driving stand now has a railing mainly for us old guys.. I cant wait for Opening Day.. Even heard a rumor today that our friends in the North are coming down to race this weekend.. George & Kevin look forward to putting down some laps with you & all the Drive Crew


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Good to finally get it all done!! Thanks again BoboO for all the help!!!:thumbsup:

Mon.-Fri. 5:00PM- 10:00PM

FREE open practice

Sat. Oct.22nd is opening day race

Track opens @ 8:00AM

Heats start promptly @ 10:00AM

So please come down and enjoy a race-filled exciting day!!!

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Thanks to all the Drivers that came out for the Opening Day Race 3rd Season of Drive Raceway. please tell me why we only run this in the winter .. it was a FANTASTIC start of our expanded race faci1ity. Great to see all the Young Guns who came to race as always they did a terrific job

Young Guns Stock BRP A Main

1st - Clay 4.00, 111 Laps
2nd - Joey 3.56, -9 laps
3rd - Mikey F 4.31, -12 laps
4th - Critter 4.37, -21 laps
5th - Will " Jiggy" 4.62, -28 laps
6th - Ryan 4.81, -62 laps
7th - Mini Magz 4.187, -74 laps (ps pit crew make sure your A driver car is ready)

Great Job to all the You and of course to there Pit Crews (Parents) that put the time in to get them ready

Losi Late Model Modified

1st - Tim R 3.00, 175 Laps
2nd - Bobo 3.31, -29 laps
3rd - Jimmy 2.87, -86 laps
4th - Tim H 3.25, -122 laps

This will be an exciting new class for Drive Raceway

BRP Stock A Main

1st - Tim H 3.187, 170 Laps (some things never change Cheese is Fast)
2nd - Tim R 3.25, -9 laps
3rd - Jimmy 3.43, -19 laps
4th - Jay 4.00, -41 laps
5th - Bobo 3.43, -90 laps

Stock Losi Late Model A Main

1st - Jay 3.62, 128 Laps (1st A Main win way to go Jay you took out the young guns driver )
2nd - Joey 2.06, -11 laps

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Great report BoboO!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

...... BUT..... how is the crew-chief supposed to make magic??

(a massive turn 2 pile-up gathering up my A driver and his car is not something I can make go away) ;);)

But I can make YOU go away!! LMAO!!!:dude::dude: .... just sayin':p

All in good fun.... I do recall you picking up "humpty" how come you couldn't put "humpty" back together again.... ?? :tongue:

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Going to see if we can get the pics up. There was plenti!!

We need to video the LLM & BRP's !!
We haven't had any video in a year!

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The plan is we will be making a trip but with out the bus. Cheaper to take the train.. We will be sure to let you all know when we will be coming.

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We actually got it home a month ago...:thumbsup::thumbsup:

And it looks gorgeous!!

But with Diesel the way it is and winter weather to unpredictable we will opt the train again. As Tim said, it was MUCH cheaper. even with a hotel/rental car.

We have plans for the Gate either Feb 4, or Mar 3. Still not 100% on that and still no idea how many drivers will be coming with us?
But as in the past... we plan on being there!!

1 thing.... I need to ask, we have 3 guaranteed young guns drivers that want to go. Will there be a "youth" class again?

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Glad to see you guys still "trade'n paint" with the BRP's! Will the "Bus" be making any Ohio trips this year?
We used almost 2 tanks to get out last time we came(approx. 300 gal.round trip), this year @ $4.05 a gal. we are talking $1,215.00 just in fuel. The costs just wont fly with the guy's. And I can't blame them when we did it last year for $120- round trip $70- lodging & $27- rental car. And no body had to drive!!(ME)
Plus we had a real good time on the train!!:cool:

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Want to see a Vid of the new track. Gonna start one myself in Greene County NY
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