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Just one look under the hood would tell you something's different about this Civic. The original B16 has been replaced with an F22C stroker. The engine now sits longitudinal in the engine bay, driving the rear wheels through an S2000 6 speed transmission.

With the new S2000 drivetrain and rear suspension installed it was time to focus on the front. To allow for steering angles Honda engineers never imagined new tie-rods and steering knuckles were installed. This should help keep the car travelling in the correct direction no matter how much opposite lock is called for.

Since the car was built for the 'Street Legal' class it has to be road registered as well as retain a stereo (ick) and a/c (yay). Grip levels are lower in the S/L class so the endless arms race for power seen in the higher classes won't be an issue. 1000hp turbo LS, RB and JZ engines in S13 and FD bodies dominate the top-tier, but at the lower levels there's still plenty of smaller N/A engines.

Wait, something looks funny about one o' dem cars...

Our first RWD Civic Si along with the Drift Missile Demo car

Drift Missile, meet Warbird
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