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We ran races for a few years that classified the cars differently than anything I've seen before or since. Maybe someone on this board has seen this and what I'm about to describe is not novel, but it was to us.

Basically, our intent was to keep the racing cheap and easy for first timers. We raced three classes and boasted on our website that anyone could put together a competitive 3-car effort, with controller, for less than $50.

Our class system was simply A-B-C. C Class was for T-jets, Bachman worm, Tyco S, and any other car from the 1960s. ANY modification was allowed, but the body had to be stock appearing, hard plastic, no lexan and no handling pans. Yes, the Tyco and Bachman were sometimes competitive, but rare. I even fit a Tyco 440X2 armature into a Faller worm drive car and was competitive.

Class B was for 1970s pre-mag traction era. AFX raced Tyco-Pro and all sorts of home built pan chassis cars. ANY MODS LEGAL, but they had to pull no more than 10g on our downforce scale. The 10g check was easy, if the car picked the plate, you were illegal. Downforce was typically adjusted with tire size. AFX Magna-traction cars could run B, if the shorter magnets were used and shimmed up from the track. This allowed the magnet height to be adjusted to put these cars right at the 10g limit. Tyco 440X2 were also converted to B-class by removing the traction magnets and shielding the motor magnets from the track with an insulated metal shim. This leveled the playing field greatly and all sorts of cars won. Lexan was legal for bodies.

Class A was for the readily available magnet cars; 440X2, SupG+, and LifeLike. For this downforce check, we used a weighted single lane track section, placed on a digital scale. The car would be placed on the track and lifted to measure the magnetic pull on the track. The thought being that a magnet car only really uses the magnet above the rail, if it fish-tails, it's off. By using the rails instead of a full plate, the older fat magnet LifeLike cars fit the class. Some racers tried the newer mag cars, and even removed a traction magnet to get it to pass tech. The end result was all three of the main chassis styles not only won races, but set speed records at the various tracks on the DAMAR circuit. The downforce limit was set at where a stock 440X2 would be with slightly smaller tires.

The final kicker: we required wall warts for power. A separate pack for each lane. Why? It appeared to work like a restrictor plate. Anyone who spent big money on a hot armature didn't see much gain because the power wasn't available to make it hum. The rules made stock stuff competitive, just change to better tires and go.

Car classification based on equipment, (e.g. green armature, Super II mags, this gear, that brush, etc) were just too tedious to enforce. To tear down all cars before a race seemed impossible. And to tear down only the select few afterward seemed unfair. Our rules required no tear-down and everyone went through tech before the race.

Just sharing how one goofy group of guys with beer raced slot cars. The picture shows our tech plates.


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