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Dot Com Racers

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You have to admit...that is the most excitement over these cars EVER. Even if they are slamming them!
Now that, was hilarious. I wish I had stocked up, I had ample opportunities, and I left them there among the dust bunnies. My mistake eh?
what in the heck?:freak:

Dot-Com racers may cure cancer.
now that's funny ... that would make great gag promo advertisement don't ya think. Like do that for Mike's new dart, overemphasizing it's obvious attractions. That would be a blast once in a while.
Strange that I never once heard them say "Johnny Lightning" or make any reference to the maker of the cars. It is funny though......
Omygawd....I was so excited, I phoned in and snatched them up....I saved $9950.00...geez I can't believe it...wow! Wait till my missus hears this...woohoo...:tongue:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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