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Dollar Tree Inc is the DBA name of Greenbrier International Inc. This Chesapeake, Virginia company has offered a variety of different diecast vehicles over time. Some diecasts were made by High Speed, Singafund, Tack Cheung and others. They have also offered diecast vehicles made by Supreme and and Mannix. In the 2000s, they began marketing diecasts distributed by Greenbrier International Inc. This included a 2 pack of NASCAR type vehicles of then unknown origin, but now thought to be made by Goldenyet and offered previously by Golden Wheel in the 1990s.

In 2005, they offered a (2) pack of customized cars with TC (Tack Cheung(?) Toys on their base plates. These castings appear to be retooled versions of previously issued Goldenyet castings and featured applied stickers, oversized tires and blown motors.

Today they continue to offer similiar castings and themed sets while also marketing/redistributing current Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Maisto brand diecasts.

Family Dollar is now also part of the General Dollar (Greenbrier) family of holdings.

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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