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Welcome to the HobbyTalk Diecast Master Makers Brand List Odyssey!

This planned section (currently only a thread) will eventually serve as a repository of each known diecast maker we can identify and catalogue. From here you will be able to link to a thread or discussion forum based on the brand name, maker, distributor, markerter or promoter.

In each of those subsequent threads (posts for now), you will also find all their casting offerings listed in either alphabetical or numerical series order. Those threads (post) listings will then take you to a current HobbyTalk section or thread dedicated to that casting.

If you have any information to add; clarifications; notice a correction that needs to made; or have the answer to a posted question about any diecast model - we would appreciate you letting us know - either here or in the specific/relevant thread, section or post.

Let the quest begin!


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H ---- I ---- J ---- K ----L ---- M ---- N ---- O ---- P ---- Q

R ---- S ---- T -------- U ---- V ---- W -------- X ---- Y and Z-​

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Diecast Master Makers List A

AB - Joy Toy
Abtwoka (Russia) - bare metal 1:87 (?) scale castings

Accu-Cast/Pac - (USA) - 1980s: manufacturer, aka Precision Accucast
Action Diecast
Action / Motorsports Authentics - Muscle Machines (2003-2010)
Action-Lobeco (Hong Kong) - 1970s; manufacturer
Action Performance (USA) - NASCAR
Action Products, Inc (USA) - promotional issue of Racing Champions casting(s)
Action Products International (USA) - "History in Action" novelty pencil sharpener diecast

A&D Fiesta (Canada) - distributor, of Rhino Toys "Old Timer" and "Classic Car" models
ADC (USA) - manufacturer, aka as American Diecat Company
ADC (USA) - 2003 to ?; manufacturer, aka as American Diecast Co
ADI (USA) - 1980s; distributor of novelity diecast pencil sharpeners
Advantage Industries (USA) - promotional diecasts



Agglo Corp Ltd (Hong Kong) - distributor
Aguti (Argentina) - 1970s - 1990s aka Aguti Toys

A-Ha Toys (USA) - 2004, issued 4 friction pull back cars under the Toys R Us label of Fast Lane Tiny Tuners
AHI Brand Toys (Japan) - 1960, aka Azrak Hamway International are 1:90 scale castings - Lightning Fast, see Cragstan also


Airfix - Meccano (1971- 1979)
Aim for the Best Stores (USA) - 1980s; distributor of Welly castings under the "SuperWheel" brand
Airfix (sold to General Mills 1981)

Alberto Elovitz Inc (USA) - 1990s, 1:87 NYC Checkered Cab
Albertson's (USA) - distributor, of Goldyet Dragon, Imperial and Kellogg's castings
Alloy Forms (USA) - HO scale metal kits & 1:43 pewter vehicles
Alt Berlin/Old Berlin

AMES (USA) - 2000, distributor of Yat MIng castings
Amerada Hess
American Diecast Co (USA) - 2003 to ?; aka ADC, manufacturer of 1:64 and 1:24 late model dirt racer castings
American Flyer
Amloid Corp
AMSCAN (USA) - novely F1 party favors
AMSI (USA) - 1970s to 1980s; marketer
AMT (USA) - purchased by Matchbox in 1978
AMT Pups (USA) - marketed brand name of (4) 1:65 scale diecasts by AMT

Anbricos (UK) - 1932 to 1986; white metal bus and commercial vehicle kits, and other railway vehicles
Anguplas (Spain - 1958 to 1966; manufacturer, taken over by Eko (Spain) - in the late 1960s
Anheuser Markting (USA) - promotional, CAT dozer and truck in pewter
Anson (Hong Kong) - ? to ~2005; manufacturer 1:18, 1:32, 1:64 - see Tiger Wheels and 1:144 key chains

A-OK (Canada) - 1980s; distributor,
Aoshima (Japan)
Aoshin Shoten Company Ltd (Japan) - 1960s to 1970s; aka ASC, a manufacturer of Hino RE 120 buses

APII (USA) - 2004; military aircraft
Applause (USA) - Hardee's promotion 'Days of Thunder' NASCAR

Arby's (promos?)
Arco Toys, LTC (USA) - 2004; (4) Walt Disney character vehicles, merged with Mattel
Arkin A-OK Products Co
Artec (Spain) - see Pilen

Asahi (Japan) - 1948 to 1979; aka (ATC) or Asahi Trading Company
ASC (Japan) - 1960s to 1970s; aka Aoshin Shoten Company Ltd, a manufacturer of Hino RE 120 buses
Ashok Trading Company (India) - 1970s, see Maxwell Toys
Ashton Models
Associated Hobby Manufactures (Hong Kong) - distributor of Zylmex castings number as Mego/Super Speedy castings
Astretsovskaia (USSR) - manufacturer,

Athearn (USA) - manufacture of 1:87 scale trucks and a range John Deere farm tractors
Atico Inernational USA, Inc (USA) - 2002-2003 "Prime Zone Diecast Collectibles" using Sohbi, Suntoys and Welly castings.
Atlas (1/43, (France)
Atkas (1/87) (France) (new owner of the Dinky name (?)
Atlas (1/87) (USA)
ATMA (Brazil)
Attack Force - 1986; see Universal and Agglo

Auburn Rubber
Auldey (China) - 1993 to today; one series of 1:64 diecast
Auro Metal (Yugoslavia) - late 1980s, manufacturer of one diecast a Yugo
Aurora (USA) - 1968 to 1972, aka Aurora Plastics Corporation, diecast cars and kits
Authentic (USA) - ~1970; manufacturer
Authenticast (USA) - see Comet Metal Products
Authentic Miniatures of the American Scene
Authentic Scale Models
Authentics by Scale Models Inc
AUTOArt (Hong Kong) - 1998 to present, manufacturer and marketer
Autocraft (UK) - manufacturer white metal HO kits
Autodrome (Holland) - manufacturer of limited run 1:87 scale SAAB vehicles
Automaxx (Hong Kong) - manufacturer brand, see Joy City also
Automodelli Brazil
Autoreplicas (UK) - 1972; manufacturer white metal HO kits
Auto Rozza
Auto World (USA) - brand division of Round 2
Auto World Garage Playset - 2003; see Agglo Corp Ltd (Hong Kong) and Mid-Western

Aviva (USA) - licensed Tomica ride ons

Awesome Diecast

Avon (USA) - distributor, of Hot Wheels and Corgi excusive offerings



Azrak-Hamway International (USA) - distributor, may b aka AHI, see Cragstan also

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List B

Bachmann (USA) - 1833 to today; maker
Backyard Conversions (USA) - 199? to 2016; customizer
Bandai (Japan) - 1970s mostly tinplate and diecast airport vehicles
Banner Toys
Baravelli (Italy) - 1980s (BGM on bases)
Barclay (USA) - 1924 to 1971; manufacturer
Barlux (Italy) - 1970s, 1:66 Grand Prix Racers, became Giodi, see Baravelli also
Barton Toys (Canada) - 1970s, distributor
Base Toys Ltd
Base4 (USA) - 2005; distributor, of "Big City Diecast Cars" consisting of (6) castings most likely from Goldyet Dragon
Bauer (related Hongwell)
Bayern Modell
Bayshore Industries (USA) - 1967; distributor of "Repli-cars" under Minor Industries of 18 Best-Box castings and carrying case
Bburago (Italy) - 1974 to 1976, established as Martoys (Italy)
BBurago (Italy) -1976 to 2005 named changed to BBurago which went bankrupt in 2005
Bburago (Italy) - 2004, revived Polistil brand with Realtoy castings
Bburago (China) -2007 to 2019 acquired by May Cheong (Maisto) and reformed as Bburago
B C International (USA) - 1980s distributor maybe aka as Boley Corporation, distributor of 4 Faie castings "Sport Racers" along with New-Ray ands Summer castings

B&D Inc
BDB (Holland) - 1978, (2) 1:87 white metal model car kits

Beaut (USA) - 1950s; manufacturer, aka "It's a Beaut" brand
Bedford (Hong Kong) - distributor of (refined copies of) Tomica and Welly trucks, grand prix racers and sports cars
Beetland International Co (Japan) -
Bell (China) - 2001, distributed a series of F1 racers made by Gingell (limited to Los Angeles)
Bellini (UK) - 1985; manufacturer, see Piccolino also
BELVAR (Russia)
Benbros (UK) - Post WWII to 1965 (?) manufacturer, originally known as Benson Brothers,
Benson Brothers (UK) - Post WWII to 1965 (?) manufacturer, aka Benbro
Best-Box (Holland) - 1963 to 1971, became EFSI
Best Choose
Best of Show
Best Pals
Best Toys (USA) - 1930s to 1939; manufacturer, purchased by Ralstoy
Betta Products, Inc (USA) - 2000s; distributor of various party favors including helicopters and open wheel racers and friction pull back cars as TC for their manufacturer - Tai Cheong Toys

Biante (Australia) - 1992 to ?;, distributor ad then a manufacturer
Big Wheels
Bing (Germany) - 1863 to 1960s (?); manufacturer
Bingo Toys (Hong Kong) - 2004 to ?; manufacturer

Blector Spoldziena (Poland) - 1990s; manufacturer of only one known casting
Blick Art Germany
Bluebird Toys
Blue-Box (Hong Kong) - 1960s to 2000s Matchbox Copies, distributed by Tundra Imports (USA)

BMW Promotional i8

Boehhar Texhnka (Russia) - 4 green military pieces in 1:64 scale; probable Nib Box distribution for Nouveau
Boley (USA) - 1981 manufacturer, importer and distributor. known for their Dept1-87 HO scale IH truck series. Also imported ad distributed Smart Toys, New-Ray "Road Champ"; High Speed "Summer Kinsmoart and in 2004 Hongwell
Bonux (France)
Borgfeldt Toys (Canada) - a distributor aka as George Borgfeldt & Co of Tintoys
Bo-Scale - owned by Model Car World (Germany)
Boyd (USA) - 1980s; HO Scale commercial vehicles for model railroading and EFSI castings

Bracks Engineering (UK) - 1970s; 1:76 scale white metal kits
Bradscars (UK) -1950s, 1:75 diecast vehicles for model rail roading
Bradshaw International, Inc (USA) - "Bright Buys" castings are identical to Imperial "Hot Steakers", but labsled with TC on base
Bradshaw International, Inc (USA) - "Bright Buys" and then "Krazy Kids Monster Truck" castings are identical to Yatming 4x4s but labsled with TC
Breter + Wolter (Germany) - 1985, 1:87(?) scale
BRIMA (Herpa)
Brinquedos REI -
Britains (UK) - established 1850s, first vehicle 1930s, acquired by ERTL in mid 1990s and is know owned by RC2 brands
Bruder Toys (Germany) - 1926; manufacturer, began making diecast in the 1980s

B Shackman & Co Inc (USA) - aka Schackman, 1970s; manufacturer and marketer

BUB (Germany) - established 1851 to 1960; manufacture
BUB (Germany) - revived in 2002; manufacturer
Buby (Argentina) - 1960 to 1980s, manufacturer, best know for "Mini Buby"
Buby (Argentina) - 19??s to 1990s, manufacturer, their own "Collectors Classics" series, with some of the same castings offered by Gillette Jet Prototipos and Galgo
Buddy L - primarily pressed still but did off 3" diecast models
Budgie (UK) - started as a distributer/marketer; eventually became a manufacturer; see also D G Models, Morestone and World Toy House
Buick (China Dealerships) - promotionals
Bull Type 70 (Japan) - atributed to the 1970s(?); unknown manufacturer of 1:70 scale castings made in Hong Kong
Burger King (promos)
Burgerville (USA) - promotional with The Holland Inc


Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Additional member contributions - @pjedsel
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List C

Caldecott Models (Australia)
California Toys (Brail) (seller of Greenlight; includes models of Volkswagen Beetle Police and Taxi from Sao Paulo,Brazil)
Canada Games Company Limited (Canada) - marketed Maisto in Canada
Canadian Tire Corporation (Canada) - 1980s; promotional and direct marketing,
Canasia Toys & Gifts (Canada) - distributor
Canton Chang Sheng Toys (Hong Kong) - manufacturer associated with of Globel Way Internationals LTD as unknown 'pancake' type diecast
Cararama (Hong Kong) - manufacturer brand of Hongwell made castings
Carectables (Australia)
Carex (Poland) - 1983, aka Carex Przedsiebrorstwo Zabraniczne w Polsce ul of Warsaw
Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc (Carl's Jr) Promos (?)
Carisma (Hong Kong) - 2003, manufacturer of (2) 1:64 scale car models
Carmania (France) - 1990s, used castings manufactured by Zylmes and MC Toy
Cars Workshop
Carter Tru-Scale Co. / Tru Toy
Cast Road Die Casting FTY. LTD

cbc lee productions by A.B.S. Models

C+C Racing (USA) - 2003, dirt racer castings local to North Carolina

C&D Models (USA) - manufactuer of lead free pewter construction and farming vehicles
C.D.C. DetailCars

Centy Toys (India) - cars and buses

CF (Hong Kong) - 1980s to 1990s; manufacturer (?)

CGGC Grisoni

Chad Valley Co Ltd (UK) - 1950s; manufacturer; buses in 1:76 scale, Maisto distributor most recently
Champion (France) - a brand of the manufacturer Safir
Charbens (UK) - founded 1929 to 1986; diecast manufacture who transitioned into a plastic packaging manufacturer
`Charm Max (Hong Kong) - 1993 aka Charm Max Industrial Ltd manufacturer of pancake type castings
Charon Toy (Canada) - mid 1980s; distributor-marketing of Matchbox in Canada
Charterking (Hong Kong) - 1980s; import/exporter of Summer "Super Wheels"castings on round cards aka Charterking (GPI) Ltd
Chas C Merzback Company (USA) - distributor
Charmerz see Chas C Merzback Co
Checkered Flag Sports
Chief Industrial Co
Childrens Development, Inc (USA) - before 2003; distributor of Motormax castings
Child Guidance
Children's Place, The
China, Made in (generic brands)
Chiqui Cars (Spain)- a brand name of Nacoral
Cigarbox USA- an Aurora brand name
CIJ (France) - aka Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet, tin, 1:43 plaster/flour, HO scale diecast
Cilco (Canada) - late 1980s; manufacture or distributor ?
CIPSA (Mexico) known for licensed Hot Wheels models)
Circle N Toys (USA) - 1950s, manufacture of 3" diecast similiar to Goodee
City Products (USA) - distributor, associated with Ben Franklin stores
CJD (France) - manufacturer of 1:87 French cars
C K C / C-HF
CKO Kellerman
Classic Carlectables (Austrailia) - 1996 to ?; manufacturer
Classic Metal Works (USA) - 1997 to ?; manufacturer
Classic Toys International Limited (Hong Kong) - friction pull backs
Classix Pocketbond
Claytown (Hong Kong) - similiar to Hot Wheels/Matchbox consruction vehicles
Clover (Korea) - distributer, maybe a Shinsei brand name?
CM's - manufacturer of rally cars
CMNL Models - buses in 1/76 Scale; includes a 1/87 Scale Alexander 500 Double Decker from Las Vegas (Strip Route) and GO Transit from Toronto,Canada)
CMW (USA) - 1997 to ?; manufacturer, aka Classic Metal Works
C'NC (USA) - soft metal castings
Coca-Cola *
Code 3 Collectibles (USA) - a Funrise, Inc brand name
Collector Case (USA) - pewter/aluminum Corvettes
Coibel (Spain) - manufactuer, including some ex Corgi and Matchbox castings
Collectors Classics
Collectors Models (Hong Kong) - 1/76 scale local Hong Kong buses
Collectoys (Japan) - Linemar brand name
Color Bright Toys (USA) - distributor, Penn State collectibles
Colortech (China) - unkown diecast maker/distributor
Colourful Model (CM)
Columbia Pictures (USA) - Ghostbusters promotional casting for Fuji film, see Remco also
Columbia Telecommunications Group (USA) - manufacturer; 1:18 to 1:64 diecasts and RC vehicles
Comet Metal Products (USA) - military teaching aids and model kits as Superior brand in their "Authenticast" series, aquired in 1984 by Quality Castings (USA)
Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet (France) - aka CIJ - tin, 1:43 plaster/flour, HO scale diecast
Computer Associates International (USA) - 1995; promotional offering using Yat Ming castings
Conrad (Germany) - 1956 to ?; manufacturer
Continental Plastics Corporation (USA) - diecast maker, see Harmony also
Cooee Concepts (Australia) - 2002; manufacturer of "Aussie Road-Ragers", aka as Cooee Concepts Pty Ltd
Corgi Toys (UK) - a brand of Mettoy Playcraft Ltd
Corgi Juniors (UK) - 1970 to 1989; a brand name of Mettoy Playcraft Ltd, were formerly known as Husky and later only as Corgi
Corgi Rockets (UK) - 1970 to 1971; a brand name of Mettoy Playcraft Ltd
Corgi Toys Limited - 1985 to 1989;
Corgi (UK Mattel) - 1989 to 1995,
Corgi Classics Limited (UK) - 1995 to ?, purchased by Zindart
_____-Metalbox GMK (Hungary, under license)
Corgi OOC (?)
Corporate Express Promotional Marketing (USA) - manufacturer of diecast promotional vehicles
Cotswold (UK) - manufacturer of 1:76 white metal bus kits
Crafthouse Corporation (USA) - see Lindberg
Cragstan (USA) - 1960s; distributor of tin and diecast,
`Creative Enterprises Group, Inc (USA) - marketed Sohbi diecasts as party favors
Crescent (UK) - 1950s to 1960s; makers, 1950s race cars
Criterion Products USA, see also: Tootsietoy
Crown Premium
CS (Hong Kong) - friction pull back (?) commercial vehicls marketed as Sun Hing Toys (Train - Skoda Models in 1/87 scale?)
Cumberland Toys (USA) - 2003; distributor of a Suntoy's 5 pack
Custom Crew
Custom Finishes (USA) - manufacturer of 1:87 whie metal constuction equipment and accessories
Czeck, Generic Brand - Resin Models of a White 3000 with tanker trailer and a copy of the Hendricson Truck which was made by Matchbox

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
additional member contributions - @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List D

Dalia (Spain) - 1920s to ?; manufacturer
Danbury Mint
Danhausen (Germany) - 1921 to ?; manufacturer eventually became known as Minichamps
Dapper (Japan) - see Bandai - pull back buses
Darda (Germany) - 1970s
Daron Worldwide Trading, Inc (USA) - distributor, see Realtoy
Dart Castings (UK) - 1:76 scale white metal kits
Dasher (Hong Kong) - only one casting is known
Dayton Hudson Coroporation (USA) - distributor of Suntoys castings in 50 car sets, parent company of Targett and affiliated with Mervyn's department stores,


DCF (USA) - 1990s: unauthorized reproductions of ERTL, Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Road Champs castings

DCMT (UK) - 1929; aka Die-Casting Machine Tools Ltd (DCMT) went on to become Lone Star


Deles (China) - 1992, 6 NASCAR castings
Delhar Canada Ltd (Canada) - distributor marketing High Speed "Classics"
Del Prado (?) - Kiosk style marketer of Univeral Hobbies offerings
Deluxe Toys (USA) - distributor of Gingell (Rhino) castings
Demolition Car (Hong Kong) - a Kidco series brand name
Denzil Skinner & Co Ltd (UK) - 1951 to 1987; manufacturer of military vehicle castings; later became Hart (UK)
Deoma (Italy) - 1950s, "Micromodels" military vehicles similiar to Dinky castings
Det Prod.
Detroit Seniors

DGM - 1986, aka D G Models; D Gilbert Models; or David Gilbert Models; see Budgie
DG (UK) - manufacturer, 'N' scale tractor motor and 'HO' scale 1930s ambulances
DG Productions Inc (UK) - manufacturer; 3" scale semi tractor and work trucks
Diamond Toymakers (USA) - distributor of Mandarin, Summer, TW and Yat Ming castings
Diapet (Japan) - see Diapet Cherica
Diapet Cherica (Japan) - 1970s, 1:40 to 1:60 scale Japanese vehicles, once owned by Yonezawa
Dicascale (Japan) - ASC reissues (?)
Dickie (Germany) - manufacturer, aka Dickie Spielzueg (Germany)
Dicoys (Spain)
Die-Cast Promotions
DIL (Hong Kong) - 1990s, see Deles also
Dimension 4
Dimestore Dreams
Dinky (UK) Toys - 1934 to 1981; A Meccano toy brand
Dinsin = Din Sin toys (Taiwan).
Dublo Dinky - 1958 to 1963; 1:76 scale vehicles, see Dinky
Disney (USA) - 2001, promotional vehicle
Dison Toy Company

Doepke (large scale pressed steel)
Dolgencorp, Inc (USA) - distributor, see Dollar General
Dollar General(USA) - distributor for Motormax and Suntoys castings
Dollarland Stores (USA) - regional distributor of Pioneer castings
Dollar Tree (USA) - distributor
Double Deck Toys (USA) -1996, 1:87 scale double deck open top bus in plastic and metal distributed in NYC
Double Horses
Dowst (USA) - 1910 eventually became known as Tootsietoy
Doyusha (Japan)

Dragon Toys (Hong Kong) - 2003, manufacturer, aka Flying Dragon Toys Mfy Ltd, of a serie of 4 rally cars with laucher
Dream Becomes True
Dreams Inc

DTC (Hong Kong) - aka Tins Toys
DTSC (distributor)

Dublo (UK) - see Dinky Toys
Durham Industries (USA) - manufacturer and distributor
Dutch Toys and Merchandising

Dydo (Japan) - promotional offernings
Dylex Ltd (Canada) - mid 1990s; distributor of Summer castings to BiWay Stores
Dyna Mo (USA) - manufacturer, aka Dyna-Model Products, HO scale cast metal kits available thru Walthers
Dynamic (Canada) - Majorette knock and others knock offs

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List E

E (this is not a typo, E is the actual full name of the company)

Eagle Collectibles - formerly known as Joefevolution and Universal Hobbies
Eames (UK) - manufacturer of 1:76 scale white metal truck kits
Early Learning Centre - sells various contracted brands as their own
East West Distribution Co (USA) - distributor to Walgreens Pharmacies of Maisto, Motor Max, Universal and Welly castings


Eccles Brothers Ltd (USA) - reproductions from the original molds of 1930s and 40s castings of Barclay, Craftoy, Erie, Manoil, and Tootsie models.
Eclat Trading Inc (Canada) - distributor of High Speed "Classic Cars"
EDL (Canada) - distributor of Summer "Classic Cars" and Soma "Super Wheels" in Canada

Edison Gioccatoli
Edocar (Holland) - aka Edor BU, distributor & marketer

E.F.E. - aka Exclusive First Editions
EFS (USA) - distributor,
EFSI (Holland) - 1971 to 1983; was known as Best Box, became Holland Oto
EiDAI (Japan) - 1970s to 1980s, aka as EiDAI Corporation of Tokyo, manufacturer of Grip Zechin, World Zechin, Madmax Grip and EiDAI Corporation castings, USA distributor was Model Power.

Eko (Spain) - late 1950s to today; manufacturer, now known as ToyEko (Spain) - manufacturer of 1:43 and 1:87 scale vehicles

EJ Enterprises (USA) - distributor and marketer of Welly castings and their own Beetle key chains

ELC - see Early Learning Centre
ELD (Canada) - distributor
Eldon (USA) - marketed 2 non motorized slot cars by Nacoral
Electro-Plastics (USA) - 1970s, distributor of Yat Ming castings
Elf (France) - 1970s, marketed their own casting, Majorette and Mercury castings in sets
Elmar (USA) - 1980s; aka Elmar Products Corp, distributed 's , Summer, Universal and Welly (as Agglo) made castings

Empire (USA) - 1978, manufacturer
Emrad Creations (USA) - distributor

Enco White Metal
Encore Sales Ltd (Canad) - distributor
Enertec Enterprises Ltd.

EPI Sports Collectibles (USA) - 1996 to 1997 (?); manufacturerer of promotional Shell diecast
Epoch (Japan) - 2003; manufacturer of a single Subaru Legacy Wagon

Equity Marketing (USA) - promotional

Ertl (USA) - purchased by RC2 in 200?
___-Ertl American Muscle
___-Mini Toys USA, acquired in 1984
___-Scale Models (Joseph L Ertl, farm toys)

Esci (Italy) - promotional 'Gremlins' Corvette
Esko (Hong Kong) -
EspeweModello - East Germany - manufacturer, white metal kits and diecasts
Estrela (Brazil) - 1937 to ?; Brazilian toy maker who also distibuted Hot Wheels and others

ETW Co Ltd (Canada) - distributor of Summer castings

Euro Model (German) - manufacturer of white and plastic model kits, previously known as IMU

Ever Sparkle Industrial Co. Ltd.
`Evergreen Hill (USA) -

Excite (USA) - distributor of Golden Wheel and Welly
Exclusive First Editions (UK) - 1999 o 2002; manufacturer

EWA (unknown) - Phillipine Jeepney in 3 variations

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List F

Faie (Hong Kong) -
Faller Hit Car (Germany) - manufacturer, diecast, slot cars, model railways
Far East Brokers & Consultants Inc (USA) - late 1990s; distributor of Suntoy made castings
Fast 111s (USA) - a Kenner series brand

Ferrero (Italy) - chocolate maker with diecast toys inside

Fidart (Brazil) - 1970s; manufacturer
Filter (Germany) - manufacturer, aka Ferdinand Filter, issued 1:87 scale solid metal models
Fingerhut S&P
Fire Bird (Hong Kong) - manufacturer
First Gear (USA) -
Fisher-Price (USA) - manufacturer
First Response
First Toy
First :43 Models

F & F Mold & Die Works Inc

FJ - France Jouets

Flatz Cars - 2004; see `Agglo Corp Ltd (Hong Kong)
Fleer Collectibles (USA) - 1950s to today; manufacturer
Fleetwood (Hong Kong) - distributor
'Flying Dragon Toys Mfy, Ltd (China) - manufacturer, see Dragon Toys also

Foundation International Ltd.

Francese (Italy) - 1973, 1:90 scale diecast models
Franklin Mint

Fred Bronner Corporation (USA) - 1954 to 1964, American distributor of Lesney toys
Fred's Inc (USA) - 2005; distributor of Yat Ming
Free Wheels

F Toys

Fuji Film (USA) - promotional
Fullright (Hong Kong) - manufacturer of small scale buses
Fun 4 All
Fundimensions (USA) - an owner of Lionel at one time
Fung Seng International/Little Ant
Fun Ho! (New Zealand) - 1930 to 1982, as resissues with window piece - 1995 to today
Funline Merchandise Company Inc (USA) - parent company of Muscle Machines (1999-2003)
Funmate- Oldsmobile omega 1973
Funrise (USA) - oarent company of Code 3 casting(s)
Funstuf (USA) - 1990s; manufacturer aka Pit Row

Sourced references -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List G

Galgo (Argentina) - 1970s to 1990s, maker
Galoob (USA) - parent company of Micro Machines before they were bought by Hasbro
Gama (Germany) - brand name of Mangold
Gama Minette (Germany) - 1968, 1:64 series issued by Gama
Gamda Koor
games collection
Garner & Nevins
Garrick Leisure Consultants (UK) - manufacture of 1:76 white metal bus kits bought by ABS
Gata (Hong Kong) - 1980s; manufacturer of 1:87 scale semi rigs
Gateway Global, Inc (Hong Kong) - parent company of AUTOart
Gay Toys

General Mills (USA) - promotionals
___-Meccano France S.A 1972, renamed to Miro-Meccano
___-Airfix / Meccano UK (1981-)
Geospace International
Geoge Borgfeldt & Co (USA) - distributor, of Tintoys military tanks as "Mighty Midget"
Gescha (Germany) - 1923 to 1971; manufacturer, purchased by Conrad


GG (China) - letter logo for
GGS (Germany)- manufacturer, aka Gotthand G Sonnenborn issued a 1:87 scale whitemetal kit of Lanz Eibulldog

GHQ (USA) - manufacturer of pewter metal kits

Giant Value (USA) - manufacturer
Gibbs (USA) - 1970s; one of the succession of (5) manufacturers of the Mercury of Italy construction vehicles over time
Gibbs see also Lit'l Toy, Mercury USA, and Mini Dinky
Gillette Jet (Argentina) - distributor of Buby made castings, (see also here(?)
Gingell (China) manufacturer of 'Rhino' and some Summer products
Gingell (Rhino)
Giodi (Italy) - Giodi... in the past made toy cars for Kinder (Ferrero).
Girard (pressed steel)
Gisima (Spain) - 1978 to ?; manufacturer
Gitanes (France) - 1950s; manufacturer of 1:100 scale diecasts

Global Way International Ltd (Hong Kong) - maker
Globe Toys (see Majorette)
Globo Toys - Spidco
Gloor (USA) - aka Gloorcraft, they made 1:87 scale metal kit of one casting - a 1960 Chevrolet Stepvan (?)

GMK (Yogoslavia) - distributed Auro Metal products

Golden Wheel (Hong Kong) - manufacturer and marketer
Goldyet Dragon (China) - distributor and marketing
Goodee Toys (USA) - 1950s; manufacturer
Gordy (USA) - distributor
Gordy Mite

Grace Bros.
Graco Toys (USA) - distributor
Grand Toys (Canada) - distributor
Grani & Partners
Grants (USA) - distributor brand for WT Grant Co
Great Power Industrial Company
Greenbrier International Inc
Greenbrier International Inc (Suntoys distributor)
Greenlight Collectibles (USA)
___-Planet Toys (tooling bought 2006+/-)
___-High Speed and Readers Digest (some tooling bought late '00s)
Green Toy
Grell see also High Speed, Welly, Maisto and Wörlein
Grip Zechin (Japan) - series brand of EiDAI

GS (UK) - 1971 issued whitemetal 1:76 kits

Gtanes (France)
GTI - association with Lucas Films Limited
GT Model Petite (UK) - 1980s; manufacturer
GT Plus (Hong Kong) - importer of Suntoys in single packs and sets as "Winning Wheels"

Guepard (Holland) - issued DAF models made in China to DAF dealerships
Guiloy (Spain) - manufacturer
Guisval (Spain) - 1962 to today, manufacturer
Gungond Aulday Toy Industry Ltd (China) - aka Auldey
Gun-of-a-Car (Hong Kong) - distributor
Guri - base name on Guri Car by Poliguri
Guri Car - Poliguri brand

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List H

Hachette Diecast Products (Paris) -
Hallmark (USA) - maker
Hapo (German) - manufacturer of 1930 Opel Blitz truck metal kits
Happy People
Harbert - Silhouette is a name used by Harbert -s.p.a. Milano, Italy. (Made by Takara on a set of 1/80 scale cars.)
Hardee's (USA) - food chain promotional diecasts
Hardy Toys
Harmony (USA) - brand name for Continental Plastic Corp
Harmony Kingdom (static figure)
Harris (USA) - 1980s; distributor using Universal castings as "Fast Wheels"
Hart (UK) - formerly Denziel Skinner
Hartin (USA) - 1990s; distributor
Hartoy (USA) -
Hasbro (USA) - 1923 to today; maker, marketer
___-Hasbro owned Tonka for a time
___-Takara contractual relationship
Hawk Model Co
Haxo Modele (France) - 1:87 white metal truck kits

HB Modello

Hermann Marketing (USA) - 2001; a promotional talking diecast for Enterprise
Herpa (Germany) -
Hess (USA) - maker and promotional

HF (Hong Kong) - a numbering prefix used by High Speed for castings made for Dickie Schuco, Model Power and Readers Digest distribution

High Grade
High Speed (Hong Kong) - 2006 to today;
------ (some Readers Digest and other tooling bought by Greenlight late '00s)
___-Wondrie Tool and Die
___-Readers Digest
___-Schuco (issued for a short time late 1990s-early 2000s)
___-Malibu International
___-Model Power
___-Top Mark (not all Top Mark models are former High Speed castings)
Highway Models (UK) - 3" casting of a Dennis F-12 Pump Escape vehicle
HiToys(Hong Kong) - manufacturer

HK (Hong Kong) - base logo used by importers of Universal made castings
HKD (Hong Kong) - base logo used by importers of Universal made castings, an Elmar distributed copy of the LJN Mercedes is confirmed with this designation

Hobby Cars Modell (Hungary) - base name used on Play Mobil made castings
`Holland Otto (Holland) - see also Best Box, was EFSI, and PP Models
Homann (German) - a 1:87 1960 Saab 96 silver plated key ring of a former EKO model
Home Toys Industrial Ltd (Hong Kong) - 1987 to ;manufacturer, primarily motorcycles and themed playsets
Hong Kong, Made in
Hongwell - aka Hongwell Toys Ltd
Hoppin' Hydros
`Hormel Foods (USA) - promotional
Hornby Modelled Miniatures - see Dinky
Horsman (USA) - distributor
`Hot Wheels (USA) (1968-present) (see also LEO, Muky, Cipsa)
__-Planet Micro
`Hot Works Racing Factory (Japan) -
Hotzee Inc (Canada) - distributor
Houseware Products (Canada) - distributor


`HTM (Germany) -

Hua Yi (China) -
Hubley (USA) - aka Hubley Manufacturing Co
___-Real Toys, see also Real Types
Hudson Miniatures
Hudson's Bay (Canada) - distributor
Hummer (Germany) -
Husky (UK) - 1964 to 1970; a Mettoy Playcraft Ltd brand that later became known as Corgi Juniors

HW (Hong Kong) - maker, but HW does not stand for Hot Wheels

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List I

`IBN (USA) -


Ideal (USA) - Mighty Mo and Ideal - Slam Shifters

`Igra (Czechoslovakia) -

IMCO (USA) - distributor
IMEX Model Co Inc (USA) - distributor
Imperial (Hong Kong) - 1969 t0 2003; aka Imperial Toy Corporation, marketer and distributor under their own house brand and other brands
Impulse Ltd
`Impy - (reference to DCMT & Lone Star)
`IMU (Germany) -

Inbrima (Brazil) - 1975 to 1991; licensed Matchbox and Majorette manufacturer
Injecta Plastic
`Interco Inc (Hong Kong) - see Tak Wa
International Hobby Corportation (USA) - distributor
International Playthings - (USA)
`International Trading Technology Inc (USA) -
`Interpur (Hong Kong) -
`Inter-Trade-Tec (USA) - see International Trading Technology
`Intex (USA) -
Intrepid Racing Car

Irwin Toy (USA) - aka Irwin Toys LTD

IST Models

It's a Beaut (USA) - 1950s; manufacturer brand name,

`Ivers (USA) - aka Ives Engineering

IXO (?) - maker

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List J

Jada Toys (USA) -
Jadali (France) - 1957 to 1960; 1:86 diecast construction vehicles, see Safir also
`Jakks Pacific (USA) - see Road Champs, products are available today at $ type stores and drug store chains
Jak-Pac (USA) - distributor
`Jamesway (USA) - distributor of their department store brand of "Super Wheel", see Univerals and WUL
`Japan, Made in
Ja-Ru Inc (USA) - distributor
`Jasman (USA) -


`Jeremy's Toy Box (Canada)
`Jet (Argentina) -
Jet Fame Ltd
J E Toys (Hong Kong) -
`Jet Wheel (USA) -

Jimson - bus manufacturer. Also made the first Bluebird Bus Model.
Jin Dan

Jo-Ann Stores (USA) - distributor
Jo Han
`Johnny Lightning (USA) -
Johnny Lightning - Topper (see also Ledy Bolido)
Johnny Lightning - Playing Mantis - Speed Rebels
Johnny Lightning - RC2
Johnny Lightning - Round 2
`Johnson-Grossfield Inc (USA) -
Join Star Ltd
`Jordan (USA) - aka Jordan and Lewden, metal kits of 1920 to 1940 automobiles
Joy City (USA) - manufacturer see Automaxx also
Joy Toy (or AB Toys)
Joy Toy Greece

JRD (France)
JRI Inc - Road Champs (USA) - distributer, maker
JRI - (Road Champs castings)
JRI - (Yat Ming castings)

`Jue (Brazil) -
Junye Dongguan Mfg
`Justen Products (USA) - distributor
`Just Think Toys (USA) -
`Justen Products (USA) - distributor

JVZ Company

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List K

Kaden Nachod
Kai Jai
Kai Yang Da Toys
`Kalvin Collection (USA) - distributor, see Prestige USA
`Kam Shing (Hong Kong) -
Kansas Toy & Novelty Co (USA) - 1930s to 1939; manufacturer of slush mold vehicles, purchased by Ralstoy
`KATO (Japan) -
`Katz Pharmacy Services (Canada) - distributor
Kay Bee Toys (USA) - aka KB Holdings

KB Holdings (USA) - distributor
KB Igracke

`Kees (hong Kong) -
`Kehi (Germany) -
`Kellogg's (USA) - promotionals
`Kemlows (UK) -
Kenner (USA) - 1947 to today; manufacturer
`Kentoys (Hong Kong) - 1998; maker, 1:72 and 1:87 diecast
`Kerico (Australia) - 1990s; maker, diecast key chains
`Keyser (UK) - aka N & K C Keyser Ltd, a metal kit of a 1967 VW Beetle

`KF (China) - see unknown

Kidco (USA) - 1977 to mid 1980s, bought out by Universal Group (Hong Kong)
`Kidmagic (USA) - distributor, see Magic
Kidmark (USA) - distributor
Kid's Country USA (Canada) - distributor
`Kidworks (Taiwan) - marketed Galoob Micro Machines
Kiko (Brazil) - aka A Kikoler, manufacturer, made Corgi and Majorette diecast under license
Kiko Joustra
Kilgore (cast iron)
Kinder (Germany) -
`King Star (Koea) - see also Marushin?
Kings Toy
Kingsway (USA) - distributor
`Kinsfun (Hong Kong) -
`Kinsmart (Hong Kong) -
Kintoy (Hong Kong) - 1992; maker
`Kirin (Japan) - promotional
Kirk (Denmark) -


K-Mart Corporation (USA) -distributor


`Knaut (Germany) - small scale pewter castings

`Kodak Film (USA) - promotional
`Komoon (Canada) - disributor
Konami (Japan) - 2004; maker

`Kramer Products (USA) -
`Krazee Wheels (Hong Kong) - see Zee Toys
`Kroeger Inc (Canada) - distributor of Realtoy castings
K S Toys

KT or "KI"

`Kuchler (Germany) - 1:120 scale models
`Kuramochi (Japan) - (2) 1:87 scale models
Kuroneko Yamato (Japan) - promotional trucks still unknown manufacturer
`Kusan (USA) - Kam Shing

`KX (China) -

Kyosho (Japan) -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List L

`Langley (UK) - aka Langley Miniatures Models, 1:76 scale white metal kits
Lansing Slik-Toys
`Larami (USA) - 1970 to today
Lash-Tamaron Distributors (USA) -

LB Champions (Hong Kong) - distributor (maker)

`Learning Curve (USA) -
___-Johnny Lightning
___-Racing Champions
Ledy Bolido (primarily retired Johnny Lightning Topper castings, possibly under license)

`Leetown (USA) - manufactured vintage commercial vehicles in HO scale for Walthers
`Lee Toys (Hong Kong) - a 1:58 Rolls Royce Silve Shadow
`Le Gran Imports (USA) -
`Lehigh (Unknown) -
`Leipziger (Germany) -
`Leo (India) - (Hot Wheels under license)
Leslie Henry Co
`Lesney Products Inc (UK) - see Matchbox
`Les Routiers (France) -

LGTI (USA) - aka Lewis Galoob Toys Inc, maker of Micro Machines

`Libra Importing (Canada) - distributor
Liberty Classics
`Liberty Home Products Corp (Canada) - distributor
Lido (Chicago) - distributor
`Lidco (Canada) - distributor
Lido (USA) - distributor
`Life Like Products (USA) - see Darda
`Lihongji Toys (Hong Kong) -
`Lincoln Industries (New Zealand) -
`Lincoln Interational (New Zealand) - see Lincoln Industries
`Lincoln White Metal Works (USA) -
Lindberg (USA) - Mini Lindy
Lindberg - NASCAR
Line Mar (Japan) - 1950s to 1968; manufacturerer and distributo for Marx, CollecToy
Lines Bros Ltd (UK) - ~1850 to 1971; 3 generaations of manufacturers
purchased (Meccano / Tri-Ang sold to Airfix in 1972)
___-Tri-Ang (3rd generations company name)
___-purchased Dinky (1964-sold 1971)
___-puchased Meccano (1964-sold 1971)
___-Mini Dinky (1968-1971) contractual tie to Best-Box
Lintoy (Hong Kong) - maker of licensed Ertl castings
`Lion Models (Germany) -
Lion Car / Lion Toys
`Lionel (USA) -
Liondel O Gauge railroad
`Lit'l Toys (USA) - see also Gibbs, Mercury USA, and Mini Dinky
Little Ant/ Fung Seng International
`Little Tikes (USA) -
Little Wonder Studio

LJN (USA) - (see also Universal, HKD)

Lledo (London) Ltd - 1982 to 20?? purchased by Zindart

`Lock-Ups (Hong Kong) - see Kidco
`Loden (Argentia) -
`Londontoy (Canada) -
Lone Star (UK) - Impy
`Longs Drugs (USA) - distributor
`Lotte (China) -
Loyal Bright

Lucky Industries (Hong Kong) - 1988, aka Lucky Industries Company Limited
Lucky Lam International Ltd (Hong Kong) - importer
Lucky Toys
Luso Toys (Portugal) -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List M

M2 Machines

M (this is not a typo, M is the actual full name of the company)

Madmax Grip (Japan) - brand name of EiDAI
Madmax World Minicar Series (Japan) - sub series of EiDAI's Madmax Grip series
Magic (USA) - distributor
`Magnuson Modesl (USA) - HO scale white metal kits sold by Walthers
Mana-Tee Concepts
Maisto (USA) started business as MC Toy
Majorette (France) -
Malibu International (Hong Kong) -
___-High Speed
___-Trend Syndicate
`Malvern Model Manufacturing Ltd (UK) - white metal kits in small scale buses
`Mana-Tee Concepts LLC (USA) -
`Mandarin Toys (Singapore) -
`Mandico (Singapore) -
Mangold (Germany) - maker of Gama brand diecast
Manley Toys (USA) - distributor
`Mannix (?) - manufacturer
Manurba Germany
Märklin (Germany) - manufacturer
`Mark (Japan) - see Select
Marki (Hong Kong) - possible Summer castings
Mark One
`Marks (Grrmany) - white metal kits in HO and N scale
Marlin Toy Co. NYC
`Marquis Models (UK) - 1:76 white metal kits
Martin Zamir Co Inc (USA) - distributor
Martoys (Italy) - (1974-1976), became known as Bburago in 1976, went bankrupt in 2005 and was aquired by May Cheong (Maisto) in 2007
Maruka (Japan) -
Marushin (King Star?)
Marx (Honk Kong) -
___-Line Mar
___-Richard Murray Co (pressed steel)
`Masterpieces in Miniature (UK) -
`Masuda Toys (Japan) -
`Masudaya (Japan) -
Matchbox (USA) - 1953 to today; previous owners were Lesney (UK) (1953-1982); ERTL (1982); Universal (Hong Kong) (1983-1992); Tyco (1993-1996); and Mattel (1997 - today)
___-Mikro'67 Bulgaria
___-Metalbox GMK Hungary
___-Galgo known for Matchbox copies, Argentina
`Matrix Industries Ltd (Hong Kong)
`Mattel (USA) -
___-Corgi (1989-1995)
___-Hot Wheels (1968-present)
___-Matchbox (1997-present)
___-Mebetoys (Gran Toros, 1969-1976)
___-Polly Pockets
Maxwell (Toys) (India) - 1970s, 1:64, 1:43, 1:36
May Choeng Ltd (Hong Kong) - see MC Toys and Maisto
Mazda Museum

MB (Hong Kong) - (not Matchbox) maker

`McDonald's (USA) - Promotional, Happy Meal toy cars (by year):
McGregor (Mexico) -
MC Toy (Hong Kong) - see May Cheong and Maisto

`Mebetoys (Italy) - 1959-sold to Mattel 1969, same owners subsequently launched Martoy which became Bburago )
Meccano Dinky Toys -
Meccano Ltd - 1901 to 19??;
Mechy Hungary
Mega Speed (China) - marketer of Summer made products
Megatoys (USA) - 1990s, manufacturer, importer and distributor
Mego (USA) - 1960s to 1982;
Mehanotehnika Izola (Yugoslavia) - made Norev castings under liscense
`Meijer Inc (USA) -distributor
Melissa & Doug
Mercury (Italy) - 1932 to 1978, manufacturer, see also Gibbs,
Mercury (Canada) - 1970s ?, manufacturer distributor
Mercury (USA) - 1970s ? to 1980, aka as Mercury Industries, manufacturer distributor, see Lit'l Toy
Metal Hungary - r, base name used on Play MobilPlay Model made castings".
`Metal 87 (Germany) - HO scale model railroad vehicles
Metalbox (Hungary) -
Metalbox GMK (Yugoslavia) -
___-Matchbox under license
___-Corgi Juniors under license
Metalcar (Hungary) -
Metal Masters
`Metalmaxx (Canada) - see Spin Masters
`Metalmodel (Poland) -
Metal Playmobil
Metchy (Hungary) - maker and licensed maker of Corgi and SIKU
`Metl-Tech Racer (UK) -
`Metosul (Portugal)
Mettoy (UK) - 1932 to 1953, merged with Playcraft Ltd
Mettoy Playcraft Ltd (UK) - 1953 to 1983; sold out to Corgi Toys Limited


MGA Entertainment

Micro (Denmark)
`Micro (Germany) -
`Micro Machines (USA) -
Micro Form
Micro Mid
`Micro Model (New Zealand) -
`Microtoys (Italy) -
`Midget Models (UK) -
Midgetoy (USA) -
`Midget Toys (France) -
`Midori (Japan) -
Midwester Home Products Inc (USA) -

`Mikro'67 (Bulgaria) -
___-Matchbox (under license)
`Milikits (UK) -
`Milton (India) -
Mimo (Brazil)
Miniature Vehicle Mfg. Co
`Mini Buby (Argentia) -
Mini Cars
Minichamps (Germany) - manufacturerer
`Mini Collection (Japan) -
Mini Dalia
Mini Dinky (UK) - 1968 to 1971; see Dinky
`Mini Metals (USA) - see Classic Metal Works
`Mini Mira (Spain) - see Mira
Mini Mite
Minimodel OXA
`Mini Model (Czechoslovakia) -
Mini Motor (France) -
Mini Rigs - 2002; see Oddzone and Hasbro
`Mini Superfast (India) -
`Mini Toys (USA), acquired by Ertl 1984
Mira (Spain) -
Mitsubishi Motors

MKK SSS Quality Toys

`MMTL (Hong Kong) - see Moose Mountain Toymakers

Model Best
Model Car Spain
Model Car World (Germany) - owner Bo-Scale, NEO Scale Models and Whitebox
`Model Planning (Japan) -
Model Power (USA) - used tools or castings from various makers including Playart, High Speed and others)
`Model Traction Supply Co (USA) -
`Modern Toys (Japan) - see Masudaya
Mondo Motors
`Mokos - see Lone Stare and Oxford Diecast
`Mo-Miniatur (Germany) -
Moni Cars (F&F reprints from original tools)
Monogram (USA) - see Revell-Monogram
Monogram Mini Exacts
`Montrose Industries (Canada) - distributor
Moore's Farm Toys
`Mopak (UK) -1:76 white metal castings for model railways, includeing an Austin Taxi
`Morem (Germany) - 1990, 1:87 white metal kits of Mercedes Benz cars
Morestone (London) - manufacturer, see Budgie
MotorArt Sweden
Motor City Classics
MotorMax (Hong Kong) - is a brand name owned by Red Box Toy Factory Ltd (Hong Kong) (formerly Zylmex)
___-American Graffiti
___-Fresh Cherries -
`Motormax (Hong Kong) -
Motorsports Authentics

MPC - Plastic or promotional models
MPC - small plastic cars,part of the Cars of the World series
MPG - made toy cars for Kinder (Ferrero)

MS Variety Company Limited Japan

`MT (Hong Kong) - 2004,
`MTI (USA) -

`Muky (Argentina), possible Brazil?, (primarily retired Hot Wheels redline era castings)
Muni Pals
Muscle Machines (USA) (see Funline, Action/Motorsports Authentics, and Maisto)

`MYCO (USA) - distributor
`MZZ (Switzerland) - 1:160 and 1:220 scale vehicles

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List N

Nacoral (Spain) - late 1960s to early 1970s; 1:43, 1:50, 1:66 scales metal and plastic diecasts
Nano Speed - see X-Concepts
`Natgo (USA) -distributor
`National Motor Co (USA) - 1970s; metal kits of Packard models
`National Toy (China) -see Dydo

NEO Scale Models -formerly (Dutch) but now owned by Model Car World (Germany)

`Nevins International Ltd (USA) -
New Bright
New Clover
Newman Importing Co Inc (USA) - 1991; distributor of Summer and Wheeler
New-Ray (Hong Kong) -


Nicholas James Imports *
`Nihonmokei Co Ltd (Japan) -
`Nipco Toys Lt Canada - manufacturer`

NJ International (USA) -


NM Toys

Nobility [URL="https://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/2159-high-speed/590969-nobility-diecast-history.html"](Canada)[/URL] - distributor
`Nomura Toy (Japan) - 1980s; friction pull back tooned castings under "Pocket Dash"
Norev (France) - 1945 to today;
`Norscot (USA) -

`Nostalgic Miniatures (USA) -

Novacar (Portugal) - , see also Majorette
`Novalux (Hong Kong) - "Micro Racer" diecast made in Hong Kong
`Novelty Inc (USA) - 2002, distributed Motor Max castings including the PT Cruiser, based in Greenfield Indiana

NSG Marketing Corp (USA) - distributor

`Nucor (Hong Kong) - distributor of Universal castings
Nutmeg (USA) - 1978, a small scale horse drawn bus, no known association with Nutmeg Collectibles is noted
Nutmeg Collectibles (USA) - customizer of Ertl and Matchbox

Nylint (USA) - maker, pressed steel

`NZG (Germany) - aka NZG Modelle

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List O

Oak Brook Distributors Inc (USA) -

`Ocean Desert Sales (USA) - see Turbo

Oddzon Inc (USA) - maker, see Hasbro



`On Trak (USA) - see Walker Model Service
`Optex (Canada) - see Nipco Toys Ltd
`Oriental Limited (USA) - distributor
`Oriental Toys Industries Ltd (Hong Kong) -
Ottawa Import & Export (Canada) - distributor
OttOMobile - manufacture 1:12 and 1:18

OSFT (Old San Francisco Toymakers)


Oxford Die-cast Limited (UK) - 1993; maker

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List P

Palmer Models
Park Plastics (toddler scale)
`Parker Brothers (Canada) - distributor, see Tomica
Parragon Publishing
`Paul's Model Art (Germany)- see Micro Champs, / MiniChamps (?)
Paya (Spain) - aka Paya International

Peak Horse (Hong Kong) - aka Peak Horse Toys, - manufacturere of buses and trams in 1:87 scale
Pego (Italy) - 19?? to 2011; maker, Exem Pego and Progetto brands
Penn Craft USA
Penny (Italy) - see Politoys

Phat Boyz (by Simple Wishes)
Physia-Chem (USA) - distributor, see Majorette and Mercury

Piccolino (UK) - manufacturer brand of Bellino
`PIC Promotional Import Corp (USA) - distributor of High Speed "Diecast Road Truck"
Pilen (Spain) -
Piloto (Brazil)
`Pioneer (Hong Kong) -
`Pirate Models (UK) - 1970s, white metal bus kits
Pit Row/Funstuf

PK Douglas (Canada) - distributor
PK Toys (Canada) - distibutor

Planet Toys (associated with High Speed, bought by Greenlight 2006+/-)
`Plasticart Modelle (Germany) - 1:87 military replicas in plastic and diecast
Plastic Art
Playart (Hong Kong) - 1970s to 1980s, ___-Model Power
`Playing Mantis (USA) - see Johnny Lightning and RC2
___-Johnny Lightning
___-Speed Rebels
Play Makers
`Play Me (Spain)
Playmates Toys
Play Mobil Hungary - manufacturer, base names used include "Metal", "Hobby Cars Modell" or "Play Model".
Play Power Ltd (USA)) -
`Playskool (USA) -
`Playwell (Hon Kong) -
Plymouth Toy & Book (USA) - 1987 to ?; distributor,

`Polar Lights (USA) - see Johnny Lightning
`Pole Position (USA) -
`Polfi Toys (Greece) -
PoliGuri (Portugal) - 1980s; manufacturer
Polistil (Italy) - also see Politoys
Politoys (Italy) - also see Polistil and Penny
Polyfect Toys (Hong Kong) - aka Polyfect Toys Co
Popy (Japan) - 1971 to 1983; maker, Bandia brand name

PP Models (Holland) - promotional

Precision Accucast (USA) - 1980s; manufacturer, aka Accucast
`Premier Promotions & Marketing Inc (USA) -
Premium ClassiXXs (Germany) - 2002; manufacturer
Premium & Collectibles Trading Co, Ltd
`Prestige USA (USA) - distributor
`Prime Zone Toys - see Atico International, Longs Drugs, and Katz Pharmacy Services
Processed Plastics Co
`Pro-Custom (USA) - 1:87 white metal farm equipment kits and plastic kits of American Prototypes
Prod. ZF. Manaus Inbrima S.A.
Product Plus (London) - importer of Welly diecasts
Progetto K (Italy) - 19?? to 2011; 1:43
`Promotional Import Corporation (USA) - distributor

Puffing Billy
Punkt Modelle

PZF (Brazil) -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List Q

Q-Model (1:43 scale)
Quality Castings (USA) - obtained the Superior brand "Authenticast" series of military diecast models from Comet Metal Products
`Quality Craft Models (USA) - 1:87 scale white metal and wooden kits

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List R

Racing Champions (USA) - 1979 to today; currently a Round2 brand
Racing Champions - Wintech (?)
Racing Collectibles (USA) - - 1989 to 1994; purchased by Action Performence
`Racing Wheels (USA) - see Remco
Radio Shack/Tandy Corporation *
Radon Marx Novoexport
`Rae (UK) - see Bellini
Rainbow Toys (UK) - marketed a series of castings made by May Cheong based on the British television show "Dempsey & Hardpiece"
RAI'S 64
Ralstoy (USA) - 1939 to (?); manufacturer
Rand International
`Rapitoy (Argentina) -
RASANT - Made by Reinhard & Co. KG. Germany
`Ray (UK) - maker of 1:70 diecast vehicles

RBA Collectibles
RBI (see Red Box International)~

RC2 Brands (USA) - 2004 to 2011 (?); formerly RCErtl, purchased by Tomy
RCB cars (Ray C Babicky was the maker)
`RCCA/RCI (USA) - se Racing Collectibles
RCERTL (USA) - 2000; renamed merger of Ertl and Racing Champions
`RCI, Inc. - see Racing Collectibles

Reader's Digest (USA) - promotional
`Realtoy (Hong Kong) - 1980s; manufacturer
Real Types (trade name used by Canadian firm Burslem who sold their tools to Hubley for the Real Toys line)
Red Box (Hong Kong) - aka Red Box International and RBI Industries Holdings Limited ("RBI Group")~
___-Zee / Zylmex / ZYLL (purchased 1997)
Red Rooster
`Redondo (Spain) -
Redwood Ventures Ltd
`Reeves International (USA) -
Regent Products (USA) - distributor
REI (Brazil) - late 1970s to licensed maker of Shuco and SIKU
Reliable Toys
`Remco (USA) -
`Renault Toys (France) - used on some Norev baseplates, see Univeral Hobbies also
`Renno (Argentina) -
`Reno (Argentina) -
`Renwal (USA) -
`Replicar (USA) -
Revell (USA) - maker
`Revell-Monogram (USA) -
`Revell Collection (USA) - see SMSC
`Rev Kids/Revelations Inc (USA)
`Rex (Germany) -

Rhino Toys - hobby adapted name for the marketing of Gingell made castings

Richwin Industrial Limited (Hong Kong) - maker
Ricko / Ricko Ricko
`Ricotoy Manufacturing Limited (Hon Kong) -
Rietze Models
Rivarossi (1/76)

RMM (Reinhard Merlau Modellbau)
RMZ City / Unifortune

Road Champs (USA) (used rebranded castings from Yatming early on)
Road Ragers
Road Runner
Robert Yates Racing
Roberts Miniature Transporters (USA) - HO scale solid cast buses
`Rockets (Great Britian) - see Corgi Toys
Roco (used some early Siku tools)
Roly Toys (Brazil) - 1964 to 1975; manufacturer of their own diecast and later distributor of Matchbox, became Imbrima
Rose's Department Stores (USA) - distributor,
`Ross Crawford Sales Inc (USA) - distributor,
Round 2
___-Auto World
___-Johnny Lightning
___-Racing Champions
Royal Plastics
`Royal Ware (USA) - distributor
`Rozkvet VDI (Czechoslovakia) - see Mini Model

`RTCL (Canada) - distributor

Russ (USA)

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
Russian (1:43 diecast)

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