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Welcome to the HobbyTalk Diecast Brands Master Makers List odyssey!

This planned section (currently only a thread) will eventually serve as a repository of each known diecast brand we can identify and catalogue. From here you will be able to link to a thread or discussion forum based on the brand name known as a manufacturer, distributor, importer, marketer or promoter.

In each of those subsequent sections, threads or posts, you will also find all their known casting offerings listed in either alphabetical and/or numerical series order. Those threads (or post) listings will then link you to a current HobbyTalk section or thread dedicated to that casting or brand and hopefully contain member added images of them.

If you have any brands, castings or information about them - to add, clarifications, notice a correction that needs to be made, or just have the answer to a posted question about any diecast model - we would appreciate you letting us know or asking - either here or in the specific/relevant thread or section.

Let the quest begin!


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Sourced references -

Members - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List #s

1 Badd Ride

12 Art fine scale models (Netherlands) - manufacturer, distributor; resin cast models

漏 1988

80M - aka 80m Creative Design, 1:60 & 1:76 scale bus models

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List A

AB - Joy Toy
Abtwoka (Russia) - bare metal 1:87 (?) scale castings

Accu-Cast/Pac - (USA) - 1980s: manufacturer, aka Precision Accucast
Action Diecast
Action / Motorsports Authentics - Muscle Machines (2003-2010)
Action-Lobeco (Hong Kong) - 1970s; manufacturer
Action Performance (USA) - NASCAR
Action Products, Inc (USA) - promotional issue of Racing Champions casting(s)
Action Products International (USA) - "History in Action" novelty pencil sharpener diecast

A&D Fiesta (Canada) - distributor, of Rhino Toys "Old Timer" and "Classic Car" models
ADC (USA) - manufacturer, aka as American Diecat Company
ADC (USA) - 2003 to ?; manufacturer, aka as American Diecast Co
ADI (USA) - 1980s; distributor of novelity diecast pencil sharpeners
Advantage Industries (USA) - promotional diecasts



Agglo Corp Ltd (Hong Kong) - distributor
Aguti (Argentina) - 1970s - 1990s aka Aguti Toys

A-Ha Toys (USA) - 2004, issued 4 friction pull back cars under the Toys R Us label of Fast Lane Tiny Tuners
AHI Brand Toys (Japan) - 1960, aka Azrak Hamway International are 1:90 scale castings - Lightning Fast, see Cragstan also


Airfix - Meccano (1971- 1979)
Aim for the Best Stores (USA) - 1980s; distributor of Welly castings under the "SuperWheel" brand
Airfix (sold to General Mills 1981)

Alberto Elovitz Inc (USA) - 1990s, 1:87 NYC Checkered Cab
Albertson's (USA) - distributor, of Goldyet Dragon, Imperial and Kellogg's castings
Alloy Forms (USA) - HO scale metal kits & 1:43 pewter vehicles
Alt Berlin/Old Berlin

AMES (USA) - 2000, distributor of Yat MIng castings
Amerada Hess
American Diecast Co (USA) - 2003 to ?; aka ADC, manufacturer of 1:64 and 1:24 late model dirt racer castings
American Flyer
Amloid Corp
AMSCAN (USA) - novely F1 party favors
AMSI (USA) - 1970s to 1980s; marketer
AMT (USA) - purchased by Matchbox in 1978
AMT Pups (USA) - marketed brand name of (4) 1:65 scale diecasts by AMT

Anbricos (UK) - 1932 to 1986; white metal bus and commercial vehicle kits, and other railway vehicles
Anguplas (Spain - 1958 to 1966; manufacturer, taken over by Eko (Spain) - in the late 1960s
Anheuser Markting (USA) - promotional, CAT dozer and truck in pewter
Anson (Hong Kong) - ? to ~2005; manufacturer 1:18, 1:32, 1:64 - see Tiger Wheels and 1:144 key chains

A-OK (Canada) - 1980s; distributor,
Aoshima (Japan)
Aoshin Shoten Company Ltd (Japan) - 1960s to 1970s; aka ASC, a manufacturer of Hino RE 120 buses

APII (USA) - 2004; military aircraft
Applause (USA) - Hardee's promotion 'Days of Thunder' NASCAR

Arby's (promos?)
Arco Toys, LTC (USA) - 2004; (4) Walt Disney character vehicles, merged with Mattel
Arkin A-OK Products Co
Artec (Spain) - see Pilen

Asahi (Japan) - 1948 to 1979; aka (ATC) or Asahi Trading Company
ASC (Japan) - 1960s to 1970s; aka Aoshin Shoten Company Ltd, a manufacturer of Hino RE 120 buses
Ashok Trading Company (India) - 1970s, see Maxwell Toys
Ashton Models
Associated Hobby Manufactures (Hong Kong) - distributor of Zylmex castings number as Mego/Super Speedy castings
Astretsovskaia (USSR) - manufacturer,

Athearn (USA) - manufacture of 1:87 scale trucks and a range John Deere farm tractors
Atico Inernational USA, Inc (USA) - 2002-2003 "Prime Zone Diecast Collectibles" using Sohbi, Suntoys and Welly castings.
Atlas (1/43, (France)
Atkas (1/87) (France) (new owner of the Dinky name (?)
Atlas (1/87) (USA)
ATMA (Brazil)
Attack Force - 1986; see Universal and Agglo

Auburn Rubber
Auldey (China) - 1993 to today; one series of 1:64 diecast
Auro Metal (Yugoslavia) - late 1980s, manufacturer of one diecast a Yugo
Aurora (USA) - 1968 to 1972, aka Aurora Plastics Corporation, diecast cars and kits
Authentic (USA) - ~1970; manufacturer
Authenticast (USA) - see Comet Metal Products
Authentic Miniatures of the American Scene
Authentic Scale Models
Authentics by Scale Models Inc
AUTOArt (Hong Kong) - 1998 to present, manufacturer and marketer
Autocraft (UK) - manufacturer white metal HO kits
Autodrome (Holland) - manufacturer of limited run 1:87 scale SAAB vehicles
Automaxx (Hong Kong) - manufacturer brand, see Joy City also
Automodelli Brazil
Autoreplicas (UK) - 1972; manufacturer white metal HO kits
Auto Rozza
Auto World (USA) - brand division of Round 2
Auto World Garage Playset - 2003; see Agglo Corp Ltd (Hong Kong) and Mid-Western

Aviva (USA) - licensed Tomica ride ons

Awesome Diecast

Avon (USA) - distributor, of Hot Wheels and Corgi excusive offerings



Azrak-Hamway International (USA) - distributor, may b aka AHI, see Cragstan also

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List B

Bachmann (USA) - 1833 to today; maker
Backyard Conversions (USA) - 199? to 2016; customizer
Bandai (Japan) - 1970s mostly tinplate and diecast airport vehicles
Banner Toys
Baravelli (Italy) - 1980s (BGM on bases)
Barclay (USA) - 1924 to 1971; manufacturer
Barlux (Italy) - 1970s, 1:66 Grand Prix Racers, became Giodi, see Baravelli also
Barton Toys (Canada) - 1970s, distributor
Base Toys Ltd
Base4 (USA) - 2005; distributor, of "Big City Diecast Cars" consisting of (6) castings most likely from Goldyet Dragon
Bauer (related Hongwell)
Bayern Modell
Bayshore Industries (USA) - 1967; distributor of "Repli-cars" under Minor Industries of 18 Best-Box castings and carrying case
Bburago (Italy) - 1974 to 1976, established as Martoys (Italy)
BBurago (Italy) -1976 to 2005 named changed to BBurago which went bankrupt in 2005
Bburago (Italy) - 2004, revived Polistil brand with Realtoy castings
Bburago (China) -2007 to 2019 acquired by May Cheong (Maisto) and reformed as Bburago
B C International (USA) - 1980s distributor maybe aka as Boley Corporation, distributor of 4 Faie castings "Sport Racers" along with New-Ray ands Summer castings

B&D Inc
BDB (Holland) - 1978, (2) 1:87 white metal model car kits

Beaut (USA) - 1950s; manufacturer, aka "It's a Beaut" brand
Bedford (Hong Kong) - distributor of (refined copies of) Tomica and Welly trucks, grand prix racers and sports cars
Beetland International Co (Japan) -
Bell (China) - 2001, distributed a series of F1 racers made by Gingell (limited to Los Angeles)
Bellini (UK) - 1985; manufacturer, see Piccolino also
BELVAR (Russia)
Benbros (UK) - Post WWII to 1965 (?) manufacturer, originally known as Benson Brothers,
Benson Brothers (UK) - Post WWII to 1965 (?) manufacturer, aka Benbro
Best-Box (Holland) - 1963 to 1971, became EFSI
Best Choose
Best of Show
Best Pals
Best Toys (USA) - 1930s to 1939; manufacturer, purchased by Ralstoy
Betta Products, Inc (USA) - 2000s; distributor of various party favors including helicopters and open wheel racers and friction pull back cars as TC for their manufacturer - Tai Cheong Toys

Biante (Australia) - 1992 to ?;, distributor ad then a manufacturer
Big Wheels
Bing (Germany) - 1863 to 1960s (?); manufacturer
Bingo Toys (Hong Kong) - 2004 to ?; manufacturer
Bitsi Toys (Unknown) - brand name, for Lehigh a manufacturer of 2 known castings

Blector Spoldziena (Poland) - 1990s; manufacturer of only one known casting
Blick Art Germany
Bluebird Toys
Blue-Box (Hong Kong) - 1960s to 2000s Matchbox Copies, distributed by Tundra Imports (USA)

BMW Promotional i8

Boehhar Texhnka (Russia) - 4 green military pieces in 1:64 scale; probable Nib Box distribution for Nouveau
Boley (USA) - 1981 manufacturer, importer and distributor. known for their Dept1-87 HO scale IH truck series. Also imported ad distributed Smart Toys, New-Ray "Road Champ"; High Speed "Summer Kinsmoart and in 2004 Hongwell
Bonux (France)
Borgfeldt Toys (Canada) - a distributor aka as George Borgfeldt & Co of Tintoys
Bo-Scale - owned by Model Car World (Germany)
Boyd (USA) - 1980s; HO Scale commercial vehicles for model railroading and EFSI castings

Bracks Engineering (UK) - 1970s; 1:76 scale white metal kits
Bradscars (UK) -1950s, 1:75 diecast vehicles for model rail roading
Bradshaw International, Inc (USA) - "Bright Buys" castings are identical to Imperial "Hot Steakers", but labsled with TC on base
Bradshaw International, Inc (USA) - "Bright Buys" and then "Krazy Kids Monster Truck" castings are identical to Yatming 4x4s but labsled with TC
Breter + Wolter (Germany) - 1985, 1:87(?) scale
BRIMA (Herpa)
Brinquedos REI -
Britains (UK) - established 1850s, first vehicle 1930s, acquired by ERTL in mid 1990s and is know owned by RC2 brands
Bruder Toys (Germany) - 1926; manufacturer, began making diecast in the 1980s

B Shackman & Co Inc (USA) - aka Schackman, 1970s; manufacturer and marketer

BUB (Germany) - established 1851 to 1960; manufacture
BUB (Germany) - revived in 2002; manufacturer
Buby (Argentina) - 1960 to 1980s, manufacturer, best know for "Mini Buby"
Buby (Argentina) - 19??s to 1990s, manufacturer, their own "Collectors Classics" series, with some of the same castings offered by Gillette Jet Prototipos and Galgo
Buddy L - primarily pressed still but did off 3" diecast models
Budgie (UK) - started as a distributer/marketer; eventually became a manufacturer; see also D G Models, Morestone and World Toy House
Buick (China Dealerships) - promotionals
Bull Type 70 (Japan) - atributed to the 1970s(?); unknown manufacturer of 1:70 scale castings made in Hong Kong
Burger King (promos)
Burgerville (USA) - promotional with The Holland Inc


Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Additional member contributions - @pjedsel
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List C

Caldecott Models (Australia)
California Toys (Brail) (seller of Greenlight; includes models of Volkswagen Beetle Police and Taxi from Sao Paulo,Brazil)
Canada Games Company Limited (Canada) - marketed Maisto in Canada
Canadian Tire Corporation (Canada) - 1980s; promotional and direct marketing,
Canasia Toys & Gifts (Canada) - distributor
Canton Chang Sheng Toys (Hong Kong) - manufacturer associated with of Globel Way Internationals LTD as unknown 'pancake' type diecast
Cararama (Hong Kong) - manufacturer brand of Hongwell made castings
Carectables (Australia)
Carex (Poland) - 1983, aka Carex Przedsiebrorstwo Zabraniczne w Polsce ul of Warsaw
Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc (Carl's Jr) Promos (?)
Carisma (Hong Kong) - 2003, manufacturer of (2) 1:64 scale car models
Carmania (France) - 1990s, used castings manufactured by Zylmes and MC Toy
Cars Workshop
Carter Tru-Scale Co. / Tru Toy
Cast Road Die Casting FTY. LTD

cbc lee productions by A.B.S. Models

C+C Racing (USA) - 2003, dirt racer castings local to North Carolina

C&D Models (USA) - manufactuer of lead free pewter construction and farming vehicles
C.D.C. DetailCars

Centy Toys (India) - cars and buses

CF (Hong Kong) - 1980s to 1990s; manufacturer (?)

CGGC Grisoni

Chad Valley Co Ltd (UK) - 1950s; manufacturer; buses in 1:76 scale, Maisto distributor most recently
Champion (France) - a brand of the manufacturer Safir
Charbens (UK) - founded 1929 to 1986; diecast manufacture who transitioned into a plastic packaging manufacturer
`Charm Max (Hong Kong) - 1993 aka Charm Max Industrial Ltd manufacturer of pancake type castings
Charon Toy (Canada) - mid 1980s; distributor-marketing of Matchbox in Canada
Charterking (Hong Kong) - 1980s; import/exporter of Summer "Super Wheels"castings on round cards aka Charterking (GPI) Ltd
Chas C Merzback Company (USA) - distributor
Charmerz see Chas C Merzback Co
Checkered Flag Sports
Chief Industrial Co
Childrens Development, Inc (USA) - before 2003; distributor of Motormax castings
Child Guidance
Children's Place, The
China, Made in (generic brands)
Chiqui Cars (Spain)- a brand name of Nacoral
Cigarbox USA- an Aurora brand name

CIJ (France) - aka Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet, tin, 1:43 plaster/flour, HO scale diecast
Cilco (Canada) - late 1980s; manufacture or distributor ?
CIPSA (Mexico) known for licensed Hot Wheels models)
Circle N Toys (USA) - 1950s, manufacture of 3" diecast similiar to Goodee
City Products (USA) - distributor, associated with Ben Franklin stores

CJD (France) - manufacturer of 1:87 French cars

C K C / C-HF
CKO Kellerman

Classic Carlectables (Austrailia) - 1996 to ?; manufacturer
Classic Metal Works (USA) - 1997 to ?; manufacturer
Classic Toys International Limited (Hong Kong) - friction pull backs
Classix Pocketbond
Claytown (Hong Kong) - similiar to Hot Wheels/Matchbox consruction vehicles
Clover (Korea) - distributer, maybe a Shinsei brand name?

CM's - manufacturer of rally cars
CMNL Models - buses in 1/76 Scale; includes a 1/87 Scale Alexander 500 Double Decker from Las Vegas (Strip Route) and GO Transit from Toronto,Canada)
CMW (USA) - 1997 to ?; manufacturer, aka Classic Metal Works

C'NC (USA) - soft metal castings

Coca-Cola *
Code 3 Collectibles (USA) - a Funrise, Inc brand name
Collector Case (USA) - pewter/aluminum Corvettes
Coibel (Spain) - manufactuer, including some ex Corgi and Matchbox castings
Collectors Classics
Collectors Models (Hong Kong) - 1/76 scale local Hong Kong buses
Collectoys (Japan) - Linemar brand name
Color Bright Toys (USA) - distributor, Penn State collectibles
Colortech (China) - unkown diecast maker/distributor
Colourful Model (CM)
Columbia Pictures (USA) - Ghostbusters promotional casting for Fuji film, see Remco also
Columbia Telecommunications Group (USA) - manufacturer; 1:18 to 1:64 diecasts and RC vehicles
Comet Metal Products (USA) - military teaching aids and model kits as Superior brand in their "Authenticast" series, aquired in 1984 by Quality Castings (USA)
Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet (France) - aka CIJ - tin, 1:43 plaster/flour, HO scale diecast
Computer Associates International (USA) - 1995; promotional offering using Yat Ming castings
Conrad (Germany) - 1956 to ?; manufacturer
Continental Plastics Corporation (USA) - diecast maker, see Harmony also
Cooee Concepts (Australia) - 2002; manufacturer of "Aussie Road-Ragers", aka as Cooee Concepts Pty Ltd
Corgi Toys (UK) - a brand of Mettoy Playcraft Ltd
Corgi Juniors (UK) - 1970 to 1989; a brand name of Mettoy Playcraft Ltd, were formerly known as Husky and later only as Corgi
Corgi Rockets (UK) - 1970 to 1971; a brand name of Mettoy Playcraft Ltd
Corgi Toys Limited - 1985 to 1989;
Corgi (UK Mattel) - 1989 to 1995,
Corgi Classics Limited (UK) - 1995 to ?, purchased by Zindart
_-Metalbox GMK (Hungary, under license)
Corgi OOC (?)
Corporate Express Promotional Marketing (USA) - manufacturer of diecast promotional vehicles
Cotswold (UK) - manufacturer of 1:76 white metal bus kits


Crafthouse Corporation (USA) - see Lindberg
Cragstan (USA) - 1960s; distributor of tin and diecast,
Creative Enterprises Group, Inc (USA) - marketed Sohbi diecasts as party favors
Crescent (UK) - 1950s to 1960s; makers, 1950s race cars
Criterion Products USA, see also: Tootsietoy
Crown Premium

CS (Hong Kong) - friction pull back (?) commercial vehicles marketed as Sun Hing Toys (Train - Skoda Models in 1/87 scale?)

Cult Iconic Models (Netherlands) - manufacturer, distributor; resin cast models
Cumberland Toys (USA) - 2003; distributor of a Suntoy's 5 pack
Custom Crew
Custom Finishes (USA) - manufacturer of 1:87 whie metal constuction equipment and accessories

Czeck, Generic Brand - Resin Models of a White 3000 with tanker trailer and a copy of the Hendricson Truck which was made by Matchbox

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
additional member contributions - @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List D

Dalia (Spain) - 1920s to ?; manufacturer
Danbury Mint
Danhausen (Germany) - 1921 to ?; manufacturer eventually became known as Minichamps
Dapper (Japan) - see Bandai - pull back buses
Darda (Germany) - 1970s
Daron Worldwide Trading, Inc (USA) - distributor, see Realtoy
Dart Castings (UK) - 1:76 scale white metal kits
Dasher (Hong Kong) - only one casting is known
Dayton Hudson Coroporation (USA) - distributor of Suntoys castings in 50 car sets, parent company of Targett and affiliated with Mervyn's department stores,


DCF (USA) - 1990s: unauthorized reproductions of ERTL, Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Road Champs castings

DCMT (UK) - 1929; aka Die-Casting Machine Tools Ltd (DCMT) went on to become Lone Star


Deles (China) - 1992, 6 NASCAR castings
Delhar Canada Ltd (Canada) - distributor marketing High Speed "Classics"
Del Prado (?) - Kiosk style marketer of Univeral Hobbies offerings
Deluxe Toys (USA) - distributor of Gingell (Rhino) castings
Demolition Car (Hong Kong) - a Kidco series brand name
Denzil Skinner & Co Ltd (UK) - 1951 to 1987; manufacturer of military vehicle castings; later became Hart (UK)
Deoma (Italy) - 1950s, "Micromodels" military vehicles similiar to Dinky castings
Det Prod.
Detroit Seniors

DGM - 1986, aka D G Models; D Gilbert Models; or David Gilbert Models; see Budgie
DG (UK) - manufacturer, 'N' scale tractor motor and 'HO' scale 1930s ambulances
DG Productions Inc (UK) - manufacturer; 3" scale semi tractor and work trucks
Diamond Toymakers (USA) - distributor of Mandarin, Summer, TW and Yat Ming castings
Diapet (Japan) - see Diapet Cherica
Diapet Cherica (Japan) - 1970s, 1:40 to 1:60 scale Japanese vehicles, once owned by Yonezawa
Dicascale (Japan) - ASC reissues (?)
Dickie (Germany) - manufacturer, aka Dickie Spielzueg (Germany)
Dicoys (Spain)
Die-Cast Promotions
DIL (Hong Kong) - 1990s, see Deles also
Dimension 4
Dimestore Dreams
Dinky (UK) Toys - 1934 to 1981; A Meccano toy brand
Dinsin = Din Sin toys (Taiwan).
Dublo Dinky - 1958 to 1963; 1:76 scale vehicles, see Dinky
Disney (USA) - 2001, promotional vehicle
Dison Toy Company

Doepke (large scale pressed steel)
Dolgencorp, Inc (USA) - distributor, see Dollar General
Dollar General(USA) - distributor for Motormax and Suntoys castings
Dollarland Stores (USA) - regional distributor of Pioneer castings
Dollar Tree (USA) - distributor
Double Deck Toys (USA) -1996, 1:87 scale double deck open top bus in plastic and metal distributed in NYC
Double Horses
Dowst (USA) - 1910 eventually became known as Tootsietoy
Doyusha (Japan)

Dragon Toys (Hong Kong) - 2003, manufacturer, aka Flying Dragon Toys Mfy Ltd, of a serie of 4 rally cars with laucher
Dream Becomes True
Dreams Inc

DTC (Hong Kong) - aka Tins Toys
DTSC (distributor)

Dublo (UK) - see Dinky Toys
Durham Industries (USA) - manufacturer and distributor
Dutch Toys and Merchandising

Dydo (Japan) - promotional offernings
Dylex Ltd (Canada) - mid 1990s; distributor of Summer castings to BiWay Stores
Dyna Mo (USA) - manufacturer, aka Dyna-Model Products, HO scale cast metal kits available thru Walthers
Dynamic (Canada) - Majorette knock and others knock offs

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List E

E (this is not a typo, E is the actual full name of the company)

Eagle Collectibles - formerly known as Joefevolution and Universal Hobbies
Eames (UK) - manufacturer of 1:76 scale white metal truck kits
Early Learning Centre - sells various contracted brands as their own
East West Distribution Co (USA) - distributor to Walgreens Pharmacies of Maisto, Motor Max, Universal and Welly castings


Eccles Brothers Ltd (USA) - reproductions from the original molds of 1930s and 40s castings of Barclay, Craftoy, Erie, Manoil, and Tootsie models.
Eclat Trading Inc (Canada) - distributor of High Speed "Classic Cars"
EDL (Canada) - distributor of Summer "Classic Cars" and Soma "Super Wheels" in Canada

Edison Gioccatoli
Edocar (Holland) - aka Edor BU, distributor & marketer

E.F.E. - aka Exclusive First Editions
EFS (USA) - distributor,
EFSI (Holland) - 1971 to 1983; was known as Best Box, became Holland Oto
EiDAI (Japan) - 1970s to 1980s, aka as EiDAI Corporation of Tokyo, manufacturer of Grip Zechin, World Zechin, Madmax Grip and EiDAI Corporation castings, USA distributor was Model Power.

Eko (Spain) - late 1950s to today; manufacturer, now known as ToyEko (Spain) - manufacturer of 1:43 and 1:87 scale vehicles

EJ Enterprises (USA) - distributor and marketer of Welly castings and their own Beetle key chains

ELC - see Early Learning Centre
ELD (Canada) - distributor
Eldon (USA) - marketed 2 non motorized slot cars by Nacoral
Electro-Plastics (USA) - 1970s, distributor of Yat Ming castings
Elf (France) - 1970s, marketed their own casting, Majorette and Mercury castings in sets
Elmar (USA) - 1980s; aka Elmar Products Corp, distributed 's , Summer, Universal and Welly (as Agglo) made castings

Embassy International (USA) - unspecified relationship with Yat Ming
Empire (USA) - 1978, manufacturer
Emrad Creations (USA) - distributor

Enco White Metal
Encore Sales Ltd (Canad) - distributor
Enertec Enterprises Ltd.

EPI Sports Collectibles (USA) - 1996 to 1997 (?); manufacturerer of promotional Shell diecast
Epoch (Japan) - 2003; manufacturer of a single Subaru Legacy Wagon

Equity Marketing (USA) - promotional

Ertl (USA) - purchased by RC2 in 200?
___-Ertl American Muscle
___-Mini Toys USA, acquired in 1984
___-Scale Models (Joseph L Ertl, farm toys)

Esci (Italy) - promotional 'Gremlins' Corvette
Esko (Hong Kong) -
EspeweModello - East Germany - manufacturer, white metal kits and diecasts
Estrela (Brazil) - 1937 to ?; Brazilian toy maker who also distibuted Hot Wheels and others

ETW Co Ltd (Canada) - distributor of Summer castings

Euro Model (German) - manufacturer of white and plastic model kits, previously known as IMU

Ever Sparkle Industrial Co. Ltd.
Evergreen Hill (USA) - manufacturer, 1:87 scale bulldozer

Excite (USA) - distributor of Golden Wheel and Welly
Exclusive First Editions (UK) - 1999 o 2002; manufacturer

EWA (unknown) - Phillipine Jeepney in 3 variations

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List F

Faie (Hong Kong) -
Faller Hit Car (Germany) - manufacturer, diecast, slot cars, model railways
Far East Brokers & Consultants Inc (USA) - late 1990s; distributor of Suntoy made castings
Fast 111s (USA) - a Kenner series brand

Ferrero (Italy) - chocolate maker with diecast toys inside

Fidart (Brazil) - 1970s; manufacturer
Filter (Germany) - manufacturer, aka Ferdinand Filter, issued 1:87 scale solid metal models
Fingerhut S&P
Fire Bird (Hong Kong) - manufacturer
First Gear (USA) -
Fisher-Price (USA) - manufacturer
First Response
First Toy
First :43 Models

F & F Mold & Die Works Inc

FJ - France Jouets

Flatz Cars - 2004; see `Agglo Corp Ltd (Hong Kong)
Fleer Collectibles (USA) - 1950s to today; manufacturer
Fleetwood (Hong Kong) - distributor
'Flying Dragon Toys Mfy, Ltd (China) - manufacturer, see Dragon Toys also

Foundation International Ltd.

Francese (Italy) - 1973, 1:90 scale diecast models
Franklin Mint

Fred Bronner Corporation (USA) - 1954 to 1964, American distributor of Lesney toys
Fred's Inc (USA) - 2005; distributor of Yat Ming
Free Wheels

F Toys

Fuji Film (USA) - promotional
Fullright (Hong Kong) - manufacturer of small scale buses
Fun 4 All
Fundimensions (USA) - an owner of Lionel at one time
Fung Seng International/Little Ant
Fun Ho! (New Zealand) - 1930 to 1982, as resissues with window piece - 1995 to today
Funline Merchandise Company Inc (USA) - parent company of Muscle Machines (1999-2003)
Funmate- Oldsmobile omega 1973
Funrise (USA) - oarent company of Code 3 casting(s)
Funstuf (USA) - 1990s; manufacturer aka Pit Row

Sourced references -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List G

Galgo (Argentina) - 1970s to 1990s, maker
Galoob (USA) - parent company of Micro Machines before they were bought by Hasbro
Gama (Germany) - brand name of Mangold
Gama Minette (Germany) - 1968, 1:64 series issued by Gama
Gamda Koor
games collection
Garner & Nevins
Garrick Leisure Consultants (UK) - manufacture of 1:76 white metal bus kits bought by ABS
Gata (Hong Kong) - 1980s; manufacturer of 1:87 scale semi rigs
Gateway Global, Inc (Hong Kong) - parent company of AUTOart
Gay Toys

General Mills (USA) - promotionals
___-Meccano France S.A 1972, renamed to Miro-Meccano
___-Airfix / Meccano UK (1981-)
Geospace International
Geoge Borgfeldt & Co (USA) - distributor, of Tintoys military tanks as "Mighty Midget"
Gescha (Germany) - 1923 to 1971; manufacturer, purchased by Conrad


GG (China) - letter logo for
GGS (Germany)- manufacturer, aka Gotthand G Sonnenborn issued a 1:87 scale whitemetal kit of Lanz Eibulldog

GHQ (USA) - manufacturer of pewter metal kits

Giant Value (USA) - manufacturer
Gibbs (USA) - 1970s; one of the succession of (5) manufacturers of the Mercury of Italy construction vehicles over time
Gibbs see also Lit'l Toy, Mercury USA, and Mini Dinky
Gillette Jet (Argentina) - distributor of Buby made castings, (see also here(?)
Gingell (China) manufacturer of 'Rhino' and some Summer products
Gingell (Rhino)
Giodi (Italy) - Giodi... in the past made toy cars for Kinder (Ferrero).
Girard (pressed steel)
Gisima (Spain) - 1978 to ?; manufacturer
Gitanes (France) - 1950s; manufacturer of 1:100 scale diecasts

Global Way International Ltd (Hong Kong) - maker
Globe Toys (see Majorette)
Globo Toys - Spidco
Gloor (USA) - aka Gloorcraft, they made 1:87 scale metal kit of one casting - a 1960 Chevrolet Stepvan (?)

GMK (Yogoslavia) - distributed Auro Metal products

Golden Wheel (Hong Kong) - manufacturer and marketer
Goldyet Dragon (China) - distributor and marketing
Goodee Toys (USA) - 1950s; manufacturer
Gordy (USA) - distributor
Gordy Mite

Grace Bros.
Graco Toys (USA) - distributor
Grand Toys (Canada) - distributor
Grani & Partners
Grants (USA) - distributor brand for WT Grant Co
Geat Iconic Models (GMI) (Netherlands) - manufacturer, distributor; resin cast models
Great Power Industrial Company
Greenbrier International Inc
Greenbrier International Inc (Suntoys distributor)
Greenlight Collectibles (USA)
___-Planet Toys (tooling bought 2006+/-)
___-High Speed and Readers Digest (some tooling bought late '00s)
Green Toy
Grell see also High Speed, Welly, Maisto and W枚rlein
Grip Zechin (Japan) - series brand of EiDAI

GS (UK) - 1971 issued whitemetal 1:76 kits

Gtanes (France)
GTI - association with Lucas Films Limited
GT Model Petite (UK) - 1980s; manufacturer
GT Plus (Hong Kong) - importer of Suntoys in single packs and sets as "Winning Wheels"

Guepard (Holland) - issued DAF models made in China to DAF dealerships
Guiloy (Spain) - manufacturer
Guisval (Spain) - 1962 to today, manufacturer
Gungond Aulday Toy Industry Ltd (China) - aka Auldey
Gun-of-a-Car (Hong Kong) - distributor
Guri - base name on Guri Car by Poliguri
Guri Car - Poliguri brand

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List H

Hachette Diecast Products (Paris) -
Hallmark (USA) - maker
Hapo (German) - manufacturer of 1930 Opel Blitz truck metal kits
Happy People
Harbert - Silhouette is a name used by Harbert -s.p.a. Milano, Italy. (Made by Takara on a set of 1/80 scale cars.)
Hardee's (USA) - food chain promotional diecasts
Hardy Toys
Harmony (USA) - brand name for Continental Plastic Corp
Harmony Kingdom (static figure)
Harris (USA) - 1980s; distributor using Universal castings as "Fast Wheels"
Hart (UK) - formerly Denziel Skinner
Hartin (USA) - 1990s; distributor
Hartoy (USA) -
Hasbro (USA) - 1923 to today; maker, marketer
___-Hasbro owned Tonka for a time
___-Takara contractual relationship
Hawk Model Co
Haxo Modele (France) - 1:87 white metal truck kits

HB Modello

Hermann Marketing (USA) - 2001; a promotional talking diecast for Enterprise
Herpa (Germany) -
Hess (USA) - maker and promotional

HF (Hong Kong) - a numbering prefix used by High Speed for castings made for Dickie Schuco, Model Power and Readers Digest distribution

High Grade
High Speed (Hong Kong) - 2006 to today;
------ (some Readers Digest and other tooling bought by Greenlight late '00s)
___-Wondrie Tool and Die
___-Readers Digest
___-Schuco (issued for a short time late 1990s-early 2000s)
___-Malibu International
___-Model Power
___-Top Mark (not all Top Mark models are former High Speed castings)
Highway Models (UK) - 3" casting of a Dennis F-12 Pump Escape vehicle
HiToys(Hong Kong) - manufacturer

HK (Hong Kong) - base logo used by importers of Universal made castings
HKD (Hong Kong) - base logo used by importers of Universal made castings, an Elmar distributed copy of the LJN Mercedes is confirmed with this designation

Hobbico (USA) - (1971 - 2018) manufacturer and distributor; Revell - Monogram
Hobby Cars Modell (Hungary) - base name used on Play Mobil made castings
Holland Otto (Holland) - see also Best Box, was also EFSI
Homann (German) - a 1:87 1960 Saab 96 silver plated key ring of a former EKO model
Home Toys Industrial Ltd (Hong Kong) - 1987 to ;manufacturer, primarily motorcycles and themed playsets
Hong Kong, Made in
Hongwell (Hong Kong) - manufacturer aka Hongwell Toys Ltd, best known for their Caraamal brand
Hoppin' Hydros
Hormel Foods (USA) - a single promotional diecast cargo truck model is known
Hornby Modelled Miniatures - see Dinky
Horsman (USA) - distributor
Hot Wheels (USA) (1968-present) (see also LEO, Muky, Cipsa), series Atomix, Earthshakers, Planet Micro, Rrrumblers, Scorchers, Sizzlers, copied castings (?) Faie, Gisima, Muky
Hot Works Racing Factory (Japan) - manufacturer; (2004 - 2005)
Hotzee Inc (Canada) - distributor
Houseware Products (Canada) - distributor


HTI -Teamsterz
HTM (Germany) - manufacturer; fine scale 1:87 models often issued within dioramas and sometimes with figures included

Hua Yi (China) - importer; (2003-2004)
Hubley (USA) - aka Hubley Manufacturing Co, manufacturer; (1892-1978)
Hudson Miniatures
Hudson's Bay (Canada) - distributor
Hummer (Germany) -
Husky (UK) - 1964 to 1970; a Mettoy Playcraft Ltd brand that later became known as Corgi Juniors

HW (Hong Kong) - maker, but HW does not stand for Hot Wheels

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List I

IBN International (USA) - promotional (1997) Matchbox and Summer


Ideal (USA) - Mighty Mo and Ideal - Slam Shifters

Igra (Czechoslovakia) - manufacturer (1950 to 2006), 1:80 and 1:87 scale models

IMCO (USA) - distributor
IMEX Model Co Inc (USA) - distributor
Imperial (Hong Kong) - 1969 t0 2003; aka Imperial Toy Corporation, marketer and distributor under their own house brand and other brands
Impulse Ltd
Impy (USA) - brand name of Lone Star
IMU (Germany) - manufacturer, 1:87 white metal and plastic model kits

Inbrima (Brazil) - 1975 to 1991; licensed Matchbox and Majorette manufacturer
Injecta Plastic
Interco Inc (Hong Kong) - distributor; possibly for Tak Wo "Minature Racers" series with 'TW' prefixed numbers
International Hobby Corportation (USA) - distributor
International Playthings (USA) - marketing; Tomy/Tomica products
International Trading Technology Inc (USA) - manufacturer;
Interpur (Hong Kong) - distributor; Universal 'Road Machines'
Inter-Trad-Tech Inc (USA) - see International Trading Technology
`Intex Recreation (USA) - distributor of Maisto, MC Toy, Zee and Zylmex products.
Intrepid Racing Car

Irwin Toy (USA) - aka Irwin Toys LTD

IST Models

It's a Beaut (USA) - 1950s; manufacturer brand name,

Ivers (USA) - aka Ives Engineering, manufacturer of white metel 1:87 scale model truck kits

IXO (?) - maker

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List J

Jada Toys (USA) - manufacturer; (Late 1970s to today)
Jadali (France) - 1957 to 1960; 1:86 diecast construction vehicles, see Safir also
Jakks Pacific (USA) - see Road Champs, products are available today at $ type stores and drug store chains
Jak-Pac (USA) - distributor
Jamesway (USA) - marketer of their department store brand of "Active Military" and "Super Wheel" series, made by Univeral and distributed by WUL
`Japan, Made in
Ja-Ru Inc (USA) - distributor
Jasman (USA) - manufacturer, (< 2006)


Jeremy's Toy Box (Canada) - distributor, TC diecasts
Jet (Argentina) - brand name, Jet is noted on the base plates of the Buby made for Gillette (Argentina) "Prototypio Jet" brand series
Jet Fame Ltd
J E Toys (Hong Kong) - maker
Jet Wheel(s) (USA) - brand name, for Mego made versions of the former AMT Pup line and new castings

Jimson - bus manufacturer. Also made the first Bluebird Bus Model.
Jin Dan

Jo-Ann Stores (USA) - distributor
Jo Han
Johnny Lightning (USA) - manufacturer;
Johnny Lightning - Topper (see also Ledy Bolido)
Johnny Lightning - Playing Mantis - Speed Rebels
Johnny Lightning - RC2
Johnny Lightning - Round 2
Johnson-Grossfield Inc (USA) - manufacturer/promoter,
Join Star Ltd
Jordan (USA) - aka Jordan and Lewden, manufacturer, metal kits of 1920 to 1940 automobiles
Joy City (USA) - manufacturer see Automaxx also
Joy Toy (or AB Toys)
Joy Toy Greece

JRD (France)
JRI Inc - Road Champs (USA) - distributer, maker
JRI - (Road Champs castings)
JRI - (Yat Ming castings)

Jue (Brazil) - manufacturer; a single bulldozer model
Junye Dongguan Mfg
Just Think Toys (USA) - manufacturer; aviation diecast
Justen Products (USA) - distributor, (2000) TC Grand Prix series

JVZ Company

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List K

Kaden Nachod
Kai Jai
Kai Yang Da Toys
Kalvin Collection (USA) - distributor, Prestige USA series name
Kam Shing (Hong Kong) - manufacturer, (late 1970s to 1983) 1:55 scale pull back Corvette and Trans AM
Kansas Toy & Novelty Co (USA) - 1930s to 1939; manufacturer of slush mold vehicles, purchased by Ralstoy
KATO (Japan) - manufacturer, 1:87 Toyota Supra casting
Katz Pharmacy Services (Canada) - distributor, Welly
Kay Bee Toys (USA) - aka KB Holdings

KB Holdings (USA) - distributor
KB Igracke

Kees (Hong Kong) - manufacturer (?), Politoys
Kehi (Germany) - manufacturer, 1:87 and 1:100 metal models
Kellogg's (USA) - promotions
Kemlows (UK) - manufacturer, 1:87 military castings
Kenner (USA) - 1947 to today; manufacturer
Kentoys (Hong Kong) - 1998; maker, 1:72 and 1:87 diecast
Kerico (Australia) - 1990s; maker, diecast key chains
Kess (Netherlands) - manufacturer, distributor; resin cast models
Keyser (UK) - aka N & K C Keyser Ltd, manufacturer, a metal kit of a 1967 VW Beetle

KF (China) - distributor, unknown maker castings

Kidco (USA) - 1977 to mid 1980s, bought out by Universal Group (Hong Kong)
Kidmagic (USA) - distributor, see Magic
Kidmark (USA) - distributor
Kid's Country USA (Canada) - distributor
Kidworks (Taiwan) - marketed (?) Galoob Micro Machines
Kiko (Brazil) - aka A Kikoler, manufacturer, assembled Corgi, Majorette and Revell diecast under license
Kiko Joustra
Kilgore (cast iron)
Kinder (Germany) - chocolatier, with toy surprises
King Star (Korea) - manufacturer, (see also Marushin(?)
Kingsbury (distributor), Tin's Toys WT series
Kings Toy
Kingsway (USA) - distributor, may actuallyb Kingsbury
Kinsfun (Hong Kong) - a brand name of Kintoys
Kinsmart (Hong Kong) - a brand name of Kintoys
Kintoy (Hong Kong) - manufacturer (1992)
Kirin (Japan) - promotional, 1:100 Kyosha made castings
Kirk (Denmark) -


K-Mart Corporation (USA) - distributor; (1977-2020)


Knaut (Germany) - manufacturer, small scale pewter castings

Kodak Film (USA) - promotional diecast by unknown makers
Komoon (Canada) - distributor, Summer
Konami (Japan) - 2004; maker

Kramer Products (USA) - manufacturer, white metal construction vehicles
Krazee Wheels (Hong Kong) - brand series of Zee Toys
Kroeger Inc (Canada) - distributor, of Realtoy castings
K S Toys

KT or "KI"

Kuchler (Germany) - manufacturer, 1:220 scale models
Kuramochi (Japan) - manufacturer, (2) 1:87 scale models
Kuroneko Yamato (Japan) - promotional trucks still unknown manufacturer
Kusan (USA) - manufacturer, (1950s to 1983) Kam Shing is a possible brand series

KX (China) - manufacturer, monster truck type diecast with ramp, extra wheel sets and tools

Kyosho (Japan) -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List L

Langley (UK) - aka Langley Miniatures Models, manufacturer of 1:76 scale white metal kits
Lansing Slik-Toys
Larami (USA) - 1970 to today
Lash-Tamaron Distributors (USA) -

LB Champions (Hong Kong) - distributor (maker)

Learning Curve (USA) - manufacturer, (1993-2003) acquired by RC2 Brands (Ertl, ohnny Lightning, Racing Champions, RC2, Ledy Bolido (primarily retired Johnny Lightning Topper castings, possibly under license)
Leetown (USA) - manufactured vintage commercial vehicles in HO scale available in Walther's catalogues
Lee Toys (Hong Kong) - manufacturer, 1:58 scale Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Le Gran Imports (USA) - distributor based in Long Beach of Yat Ming casings
Lehigh (Unknown) - manufacturer, 2 known castings "Bitsi-Toys"
Leipziger (Germany) - manufacturer, unmarked ready made metal kits
Leo (India) - manufacturer, Hot Wheels under license
Leslie Henry Co
Lesney Products Inc (UK) - manufacturer. (1947- 19??) original parent company of Matchbox
Les Routiers (France) - manufacturer, 1:90 scale commercial vehicles

LGTI (USA) - aka Lewis Galoob Toys Inc, maker of Micro Machines

Libra Importing (Canada) - distributor, Sze "Super Truck" series of commercial vehicles
Liberty Classics
Liberty Home Products Corp (Canada) - distributor, Welly
Lidco (Canada) - distributor, Pioneer and Summer
Lido (USA) - distributor, High Speed and Tintoys
Life Like Products (USA) - manufacturer, model railroad products, purchased Darda
LiHONGJi Toys (Hong Kong) - manufacturer, pancake type castings
Lincoln Industries (New Zealand) - manufacturer, aka as Lincoln International (New Zealand) 1:87 scale diecast
Lincoln White Metal Works (USA) - manufacturer, white metal kits
Lindberg (USA) - manufacturer, "Mini Lindy" "ARCA" series
Line Mar (Japan) - 1950s to 1968; manufacturerer and distributo for Marx, CollecToy
Lines Bros Ltd (UK) - ~1850 to 1971; 3 generaations of manufacturers
purchased (Meccano / Tri-Ang sold to Airfix in 1972)
___-Tri-Ang (3rd generations company name)
___-purchased Dinky (1964-sold 1971)
___-puchased Meccano (1964-sold 1971)
___-Mini Dinky (1968-1971) contractual tie to Best-Box
Lintoy (Hong Kong) - maker of licensed Ertl castings
Lion Models (Germany) - manufacturer, 1:87 white metal model kits
Lion Car / Lion Toys
Lionel (USA) - manufacturer, primarily model trains bu also issued diecast models including NASCAR and NHRA diecast models
Lit'l Toys (USA) - brand name for Mercury USA
Little Ant/ Fung Seng International
Little Tikes (USA) - manufacturer, yellow diecast Porsche
Little Wonder Studio

LJN (USA) - distributor, Universal Products (HKD)

Lledo (London) Ltd - 1982 to 20?? purchased by Zindart

Lock-Ups (Hong Kong) - brand series name of Kidco
Loden (Argentia) - brand name, Aguti
Londontoy (Canada) - manufacturer, (1930 to 19??) 4" and 6" diecast models
Lone Star (UK) - manufacturer, formerly known as DCTM
Longs Drugs (USA) - distributor, Atico, Suntoy and Welly
Lotte (China) - brand name, "Flamin' Key Cars" (reissued Irwin's "Blazin' Key Cars"
Loyal Bright

Lucky Industries (Hong Kong) - manufacturer, (1988), aka Lucky Industries Company Limited
Lucky Lam International Ltd (Hong Kong) - importer
Lucky Toys
Luso Toys (Portugal) - manufacturer, 4 1:50 scale race cars

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List M

M2 Machines

M (this is not a typo, M is the actual full name of the company)

Madmax Grip (Japan) - brand name, EiDAI
Madmax World Minicar Series (Japan)
- sub series of EiDAI's Madmax Grip series
Magic (USA) - distributor,
Magnuson Models (USA) - manufacturer, HO scale white metal kits sold by Walthers
Maisto (USA) - manufacturer, started business as May Cheong "MC Toys"
Majorette (France) - manufacturer,
Malibu International (Hong Kong) - manufacturer,
___-High Speed
___-Trend Syndicate
Malvern Model Manufacturing Ltd (UK) - manufacturer, white metal bus kits in small scale
Mana-Tee Concepts LLC (USA) - (2003) manufacturer,
Mandarin Toys (Singapore) - manufacturer,
Mandico (Singapore) - brand name, Mandarin
Mangold (Germany) - maker of Gama brand diecast
Manley Toys (USA) - distributor
Mannix (Hong Kong) - manufacturer; see Dollar tree
Manurba Germany
Mark (Japan) - manufacturer, transformer castings distributed by Select
Marki (Hong Kong) - distributor, possible Summer castings
M盲rklin (Germany) - manufacturer, Select brands
Mark One
Marks (Grrmany) - (1990s) manufacturer, white metal kits in HO and N scale
Marlin Toy Co. NYC
Marquis Models (UK) - manufacturer, 1:76 white metal model kits
Martin Zamir Co Inc (USA) - distributor
Martoys (Italy) - (1974-1976), became known as Bburago in 1976, went bankrupt in 2005 and acquired by May Cheong (Maisto) in 2007
Maruka (Japan) - manufacturer, 1970 Toyota Crown and importer, Hongwell
Marushin (King Star?)
Marx (Hong Kong) - (1919-1979), manufacturer, (? Lumar and Richard Murray Co (pressed steel)
Master Caster Mfg (Chicago)
Masterpieces in Miniature (UK) - manufacturer, 1:87 Jeep Gladiator Pickup
Masuda Toys (Japan) - manufacturer, possible association with Bandai via Dapper, castings reissued by Rei
Masudaya (Japan) - manufacturer, 1:87 painted model kits; distributor, Playart
Matchbox (USA) - 1953 to today; previous owners were Lesney (UK) (1953-1982); ERTL (1982); Universal (Hong Kong) (1983-1992); Tyco (1993-1996); and Mattel (1997 - today)
___-Mikro'67 Bulgaria
___-Metalbox GMK Hungary
___-Galgo known for Matchbox copies, Argentina
Matrix Industries Ltd (Hong Kong) - distributor, inexpensive diecast
Matrix Scale Models (Netherlands) - manufacturer, distributor; resin diecast models
Mattel (USA) - manufacturer, distributor, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, et al
___-Mebetoys (Gran Toros, 1969-1976)
___-Polly Pockets
Maxwell (Toys) (India) - 1970s, 1:64, 1:43, 1:36
May Cheong Ltd (Hong Kong) - see MC Toys and Maisto
Mazda Museum

MB (Hong Kong) - (not Matchbox) maker

McDonald's (USA) - promotional; Happy Meal toy cars
McGregor (Mexico) - manufacturer, licensed Matchbox and Politoys
MC Toy (Hong Kong) - see May Cheong and Maisto

Mebetoys (Italy) - (1959-1969) manufacturer, sold to Mattel 1969)
Meccano Dinky Toys -
Meccano Ltd - 1901 to 19??;
Mechy Hungary
Mega Speed (China) - marketer of Summer made products
Megatoys (USA) - 1990s, manufacturer, importer and distributor
Mego (USA) - manufacturer, (1960s to 1982) made Jet Wheel(s) (USA) their brand name, for the Mego made versions of the former AMT Pup line and new castings
Mehanotehnika Izola (Yugoslavia) - manufacturer, Norev castings under license
Meijer Inc (USA) -distributor, Kingstar Mini Car series
Melissa & Doug
Mercury (Italy) - 1932 to 1978, manufacturer, see also Gibbs,
Mercury (Canada) - 1970s ?, manufacturer distributor
Mercury Industries (USA) - 1970s ? to 1980, aka as Mercury Industries, manufacturer distributor, see Lit'l Toy
Metal Hungary - r, base name used on Play Mobil Play Model made castings"
Metal 87 (Germany) - manufacturer, HO scale model railroad vehicles
Metalbox (Hungary) -
Metalbox GMK (Yugoslavia) -
___-Matchbox under license
___-Corgi Juniors under license
Metalcar (Hungary) -
Metal Masters
Metalmaxx (Canada) - series name, Spin Masters
Metal Miniatures (USA) - manufacturer, white metal CAT bulldozer
Metalmodel (Poland) - manufacturer, (2) castings
Metal Playmobil
Metchy (Hungary) - maker and licensed maker of Corgi and SIKU
Metl-Tech Racer (UK) - manufacturer, 1:64 metal bodied RC cars
Metosul (Portugal) - (? - 1964 to ?) manufacturer, 1;43 and 1:50 scale buses, a 1:66 scale VW Transporter
Mettoy (UK) - 1932 to 1953, merged with Playcraft Ltd
Mettoy Playcraft Ltd (UK) - 1953 to 1983; sold out to Corgi Toys Limited


MGA Entertainment

Micro (Denmark)
Micro Champs (Germany) - (1993-1994) manufacturer, 1:64 scale rally cars
`Micro (Germany) -
Micro Machines (USA) - brand name, LGTI Galoob
Micro Form
Micro Mid
Micro Model (New Zealand) - (1950s to ?) manufacturer, Australian vehicles
Microtoys (Italy) - series name for Deoma castings
Midget Models (UK) - manufacturer, 1:76 metal model kits
Midgetoy (USA) - (1946 -1980) manufacturer
Midget Toys (France) - (1959) manufacturer, 13 diecast in 1:86, 1 in 1:43 scale
Midori (Japan) - (early 2000s) manufacturer, 2 'tooned type castings
Midwestern Home Products Inc (USA) - distributor,
Mikro'67 (Bulgaria) - manufacturer under license to Matchbox
Milikits (UK) - manufacturer, white metal model kits
Milton (India) - manufacturer, (4) castings
Mimo (Brazil)
Miniature Vehicle Mfg. Co
Mini Buby (Argentia) - brand name, Buby's 1:64 scale series
Mini Cars
Minichamps (Germany) - manufacturer,
Mini Collection (Japan) - manufacturer, 1:87 diecasts and key chains
Mini Dalia
Mini Dinky (UK) - 1968 to 1971; brand name of Dinky 1:60 scale casting line
Mini Metals (USA) - brand name, Classic Metal Works
Mini Mira (Spain) - brand name, Mira
Mini Mite
Minimodel OXA
Mini Model (Czechoslovakia) - manufacturer, 1:64 scale
Mini Motor (France) -
Mini Rigs - 2002; see Oddzone and Hasbro
Mini Superfast (India) - brand name, Maxwell
Mini Toys (USA), (early 1980s) manufacturer, 1:64 diecast tractors reported as acquired by Ertl in 1984
Mira (Spain) - manufacturer, acquired by Solido in 2000
Mitsubishi Motors

MKK SSS Quality Toys

MMTL (Hong Kong) - aka M.M.T.L. and Moose Mountain Toymakers

Model Best
Model Car Spain
Model Car World (Germany) - owner Bo-Scale, NEO Scale Models and Whitebox
Model Planning (Japan) - manufacturer, N and HO scale diecast
Model Power (USA) - used tools or castings from various makers including Playart, High Speed and others)
Model Traction Supply Co (USA) - manufacturer, HO scale bus kits
Modern Toys (Japan) - brand name and logo, Masudaya
Mondo Motors
Mokos - series name, Oxford Diecasts former Lone Star Tuf Tots castings
Mo-Miniatur (Germany) - manufacturer, 1:87 scale antique cars and tractors
Moni Cars (F&F reprints from original tools)
Monogram (USA) - see Revell-Monogram
Monogram Mini Exacts
Montrose Industries (Canada) - distributor, Faie
Moore's Farm Toys
Moose Mountain Toymakers (Hong Kong) - manufacturer,
Mopak (UK) -1:76 white metal castings for model railways, including an Austin Taxi
Morem (Germany) - 1990, 1:87 white metal kits of Mercedes Benz cars
Morestone (London) - manufacturer, see Budgie
MotorArt Sweden
Motor City Classics
MotorMax (Hong Kong) - is a brand name owned by Red Box Toy Factory Ltd (Hong Kong) (formerly Zylmex)
___-American Graffiti
___-Fresh Cherries -
`Motormax (Hong Kong) -
Motorsports Authentics

MPC - Plastic or promotional models
MPC - small plastic cars,part of the Cars of the World series
MPG - made toy cars for Kinder (Ferrero)

MS Variety Company Limited Japan

MT (Hong Kong) - (2004) manufacturer, 1:55 scale Speed Racer Mach 5
MTI (USA) - manufacturer, Ford Model A

Muky (Argentina & Brazil) - manufacturer, reissued retired Hot Wheels Redline era castings
Muni Pals
Muscle Machines (USA) - manufacturer, (see Funline, Action/Motorsports Authentics, and Maisto)

MYCO (USA) - (early 1980s) distributor, Wheeler castings
MZZ (Switzerland) - manufacturer, (N) 1:160 and (Z) 1:220 scale vehicles

Sourced references - @69ch @carl k @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List N

Nacoral (Spain) - late 1960s to early 1970s; 1:43, 1:50, 1:66 scales metal and plastic diecasts
Nano Speed - see X-Concepts
Natgo (USA) - (1980) distributor, aka Nat Gottlieb, Inc of Universal
National Motor Co (USA) - (1970s) manufacturer; metal kits of 1929 Packard models
National Toy (China) - (1970s) distributor, pancake type diecasts
Navi (Japan) - promotional, (2004) Dydo

NEO Scale Models -formerly (Dutch) but now owned by Model Car World (Germany)
Nevins International Ltd (USA) - manufacturer, NASCAR promotionals
New Bright
New Clover
Newman Importing Co Inc (USA) - 1991; distributor of Summer and Wheeler
New-Ray (Hong Kong) - (1987 o today) manufacturer, 1:43, 1:64 and (HO) 1:87 scale castings


Nicholas James Imports *
Nihonmokei Co Ltd (Japan) - (1970s) manufacturer; (10) 1:64 castings
Nipco Toys Ltd (China) - manufacturer/distributor; 'pancake' type castings

NJ International (USA) - manufacturer; (3) 1:87 model kits and assembled models

NK (Hong Kong) - manufacturer aka Ngai Keung Metal and Plastic Manufactory Ltd
NKOK (USA) - distributor; NK

NM Toys

Nobility (Canada) - distributor, High Speed and Realtoy
Nomura Toy (Japan) - 1980s; friction pull back 'tooned castings called "Pocket Dash"
Norev (France) - 1945 to today; manufacturer;
Norscot (USA) - manufacturer, promotional diecast

Nostalgic Miniatures (USA) - manufacturer, pewter Federal Truck

Novacar (Portugal) - , see also Majorette
Novalux (Hong Kong) - "Micro Racer" diecast made in Hong Kong
Novelty Inc (USA) - (2002), distributor; Motor Max

NSG Marketing Corp (USA) - distributor

Nucor (Hong Kong) - distributor; Universal castings
Nutmeg (USA) - 1978, a small scale horse drawn bus, no known association with Nutmeg Collectibles is noted
Nutmeg Collectibles (USA) - customizer of Ertl and Matchbox

Nylint (USA) - maker, pressed steel

`NZG (Germany) - aka NZG Modelle

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List O

Oak Brook Distributors Inc (USA) -

Ocean Desert Sales (USA) - distributor, Turbo

Oddzon Inc (USA) - maker, see Hasbro



On Trak (USA) - see Walker Model Service

Optex (Canada) - distributor, Nipco Toys Ltd

Oriental Limited (USA) - distributor, Masuda
Oriental Toys Industries Ltd (Hong Kong) - manufacturer; Widea 1:87 scale diecast

OSFT (Old San Francisco Toymakers)

Ottawa Import & Export (Canada) - distributor
OttOMobile - manufacture 1:12 and 1:18


Oxford Die-cast Limited (UK) - 1993; maker

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List P

Palmer Models
Park Plastics (toddler scale)
Parker Brothers (USA) - manufacturer, 1883 to today under Hasbro
`Parker Brothers (Canada) - distributor, see Tomica
Parragon Publishing
`Paul's Model Art (Germany)- see Micro Champs, / MiniChamps (?)
Paya (Spain) - aka Paya International

Peak Horse (Hong Kong) - aka Peak Horse Toys, - manufacturer of buses and trams in 1:87 scale
Pego (Italy) - 19?? to 2011; maker, Exem Pego and Progetto brands
Penn Craft USA
Penny (Italy) - brand name; see Politoys
Perfecta (Hong Kong) - (1990s) manufacturer; brand name of "Horsman".

Phat Boyz (by Simple Wishes)
Physio-Chem (USA) - distributor, Majorette and Mercury

Piccolino (UK) - manufacturer; Bellino
PIC Promotional Import Corp (USA) - distributor; High Speed's "Diecast Road Truck"
Pilen (Spain) - manufacturer; (1960s to 1980s) 1:43, 1:64 scale diecasts
Piloto (Brazil)
Pioneer (Hong Kong) - (1992- ) manufacturer;
Pirate Models (UK) - (1970s) manufacturer; white metal HO bus kits
Pit Row/Funstuf

PK Douglas (Canada) - distributor, Zylmex
PK Toys (Canada) - distributor, Summer

Planet Toys (associated with High Speed, bought by Greenlight 2006+/-)
Plasticart Modelle (Germany) - manufacturer; 1:87 replicas in plastic and diecast
Plastic Art
Playart (Hong Kong) - (1965 to 1983) manufacturer;
Playing Mantis (USA) - (1994 - 2004) revitalized Johnny Lightning and then was acquired by RCETRL who became RC2 (___-Magmas? )
Play Makers
Play Me (Spain) - (?) manufacturer; Corgi Jr and playArt 'copies' (?)
Playmates Toys
Play Mobil (Hungary) - manufacturer, names used include "Metal", "Hobby Cars Modell", "Play Mobil" and "Metal Play Mobil.
Play Power Ltd (USA)) - distributor; Welly
Playskool (USA) - manufacturer; Sesame Street Character cars and sports cars
Playwell (Hong Kong) - manufacturer; light and sound diecast
Plymouth Toy & Book (USA) - (1987 to 2004 ?); distributor, Yat Ming, Clinton Campaign Bus

Polar Lights (USA) - brand name; Johnny Lightning
Pole Position (USA) - (early 1990s) manufacturer, NASCAR models
Polfi Toys (Greece) - manufacturer, 1:60 scale
PoliGuri (Portugal) - 1980s; manufacturer
Polistil (Italy) - also see Politoys
Politoys (Italy) - also see Polistil and Penny
Polyfect Toys (Hong Kong) - aka Polyfect Toys Co
Popy (Japan) - 1971 to 1983; maker, Bandia brand name

PP Models (Holland) - (2002) promotional

Precision Accucast (USA) - 1980s; manufacturer, aka Accucast
Premier Promotions & Marketing Inc (USA) - promoter; Coca Cola 'tooned Porsche 924
Premium ClassiXXs (Germany) - 2002; manufacturer
Premium & Collectibles Trading Co, Ltd
Prestige USA (USA) - distributor, (1997) Summer
Prime Zone Toys - brand name; Atico International, with Sohbi, Suntoys and Welly made castings distributed by Longs Drugs, and Katz Pharmacy Services (Canada)
Processed Plastics Co
Pro-Custom Models (USA) - 1:87 white metal farm equipment kits and plastic kits of American Prototypes
Prod. ZF. Manaus Inbrima S.A.
Product Plus (London) - importer of Welly diecasts
Progetto K (Italy) - 19?? to 2011; 1:43
Promotional Import Corporation (PIC) (USA) - maker (?) and distributor; generic (?) and High Speed

Puffing Billy
Punkt Modelle

PZF (Brazil) -

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List Q

Q-Model (1:43 scale)
Quality Castings (USA) - manufacturer; obtained the Superior brand "Authenticast" series of military diecast models from Comet Metal Products
Quality Craft Models (USA) - manufacturer; 1:87 scale white metal and wooden kits

Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax @Motorcade
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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Diecast Master Makers List R

Racing Champions (USA) - 1979 to today; currently a Round2 brand
Racing Champions - Wintech (?)
Racing Collectables (USA) - - 1989 to 1994; purchased by Action Performance
Racing Wheels (USA) - brand name; Remco
Radio Shack/Tandy Corporation *
Radon Marx Novoexport
RAE (UK) - manufacturer; acquired Bellini's Piccolino Line
Rainbow Toys (UK) - marketed a series of castings made by May Cheong based on the British television show "Dempsey & Hardpiece"
RAI'S 64
Ralstoy (USA) - 1939 to (?); manufacturer
Rand International
Rapitoy (Argentina) - distributor; Aguit
RASANT - Made by Reinhard & Co. KG. Germany
Ray (UK) - manufacturer; 1:70 scale diecast vehicles

RBA Collectibles
RBI (see Red Box International)~

RC2 Brands (USA) - 2004 to 2011 (?); formerly RCErtl, purchased by Tomy
RCB cars (Ray C Babicky was the maker)
RCCA/RCI (USA) - brands; Racing Collectables
RCERTL (USA) - 2000; renamed merger of Ertl and Racing Champions
RCI, Inc - see Racing Collectibles

Reader's Digest (USA) - promotional
Realtoy (Hong Kong) - (1980s to 2005 (?) manufacturer;
Real Toys (USA) - American brand name used by Hubley
Real Types (USA)
- Canadian brand name used by Hubley (a former trade name used by Burslem (Canada) who sold their the Real Toys line to Hubley)
Red Box (Hong Kong) - (1997 - ) manufacturer; formerly Zyll, aka Red Box International and RBI Industries Holdings Limited ("RBI Group") became Motormax
Red Rooster
Redondo (Spain) - manufacturer; F1 Racers, military tank cap gun
Redwood Ventures Ltd
Reeves International (USA) - distributor; (early 1980s) Corgi (early 2000s) unnamed
Regent Products (USA) - distributor; Singafund, Wang Sing and Yat Ming
REI (Brazil) - (late 1970s to early 1980s) manufacturer; licensed maker of Shuco and SIKU castings in Brazil
Reliable Toys
Remco (USA) - (1960s) manufacturer; acquired by Jakks Pacific Inc
Renault Toys (France) - used on some Norev base plates, see Universal Hobbies also
Renno (Argentina) - manufacturer;
Reno (Argentina) - manufacturer;
Renwal (USA) - manufacturer; (1955)
Replicar (UK) - manufacturer, 1:43 scale models
Replicar (USA) - manufacturer, a De Soto and (2) Packard models
Revell (USA) - manufacturer;
Revell-Monogram (USA) - manufacturer;
Revell Collection (USA) - brand; previously SMSC
Rev Kids/Revelations Inc (USA) - manufacturer; NASCAR (Ford Thunderbird)
Rex (Germany) - (1960s) manufacturer; "Juwel" HO (1:87) scale diecast series

Rhino Toys - hobby adapted nick name for the marketing logos of Gingell made castings

Richwin Industrial Limited (Hong Kong) - manufacturer; Made in China and unknown
Ricotoy Manufacturing Limited (Hon Kong) - aka Rico Ricko Ricotoy, manufacturer; inexpensive 'pancake' type diecast
Rietze Models
Rivarossi (1/76)

RMM (Reinhard Merlau Modellbau)
RMZ City / Unifortune

Road Champs (USA) - (1970s to 2001) distributor Yat Ming and Summer; then a manufacturer;
Road Ragers
Road Runner
Robert Yates Racing
Roberts Miniature Transporters (USA) - manufacturer; HO scale solid cast buses
Rockets (Great Britian) - brand series name; Corgi Toys
Roco (Austria) - (1960 to 2005) manufacturer; various scales in plastic and diecast
Roly Toys (Brazil) - 1964 to 1975; manufacturer of their own diecast and later distributor of Matchbox , became Inbrima
Rose's Department Stores (USA) - distributor,
Ross Crawford Sales Inc (USA) - distributor, Universal
Roskopf (Germany) - (1955 to 1990s) manufacturer; 1:87 cars/trucks and 1:100 militry vehicles
Round 2
___-Auto World
___-Johnny Lightning
___-Racing Champions
Royal Plastics
Royal Ware (USA) - distributor of Pioneer's "Pro Engine" series
Rozkvet VDI (Czechoslovakia) - brand series name; Mini Model

RTCL (Canada) - distributor; Mini Crown packaged sets

Russ Berrie & Co (USA) - aka Russ, manufacturer novelty gift items
Russian (1:43 diecast)


Sourced references - @69ch @juantoo3 @stanmax
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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