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Did you know?

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Warning....the following info could get you killed from some car owners!

The 57 Chevy Belair is not a classic( yes, even the fuelie). There is no classic Mustang, Camaro, or Corvette. There is in fact no classic Chevy or Ford.

There is no classic car made after 1948. There is no classic car made before 1925. All this is decided by one group. The official designation of "classic" can only come from the CCCA.

Many of the cars we like to call classics are in fact Milestone Cars. Some will be even more upset to find out that their car is not even this. If you own a '72 Olds 442, a 1968 Mustang or a 1970 Buick GSX you simply own an antique car.

With news like this, I'm glad I have thousands of miles between me and these car owners.

Bottom line, the term Classic, Milestone, antique and vintage is so misunderstood, that many use the wrong term when talking about cars.

Fight amoung yourselves.;)

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Someday I'll own such a car. I was well on my way with my 1994 Nissan Altima until some schmuck in a hurry decided to run a red light. Oh well, only 20 more years and my 2000 Altima will be worthy of such debate.
To confuse matters more. Some cars are tagged by the CCCA as "Born Classic" Ferrari's, S Class Mercedes, the Viper, etc and yet they can never be a classic by definition.

Opps gotta run....I hear more shots being fired at me.
Well all I know is that I have my antique vehicle ( a bargain at $6 per year!) :D

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as in 1977 slow electrified Trans Am all-terain vehicle?:wave:
Well, pretty close, anyway
She's American made, you know what I mean?
Red on black, she's a street machine.
Set's ten inches off the ground with a custom plate
That says I-E-A-T Z28
Trans Am
Trans Am
Trans Am
Highway Wonderland.
Yeah, '79 will be the end of the road.
If you want horse power overload.
Ooh, if you like kicks, just take her to the floor
And you red-line shift them gears feel the engine roar on my
Trans Am
Come on catch me if you can
In my Trans Am, Highway Wonderland.
Trans Am
Trans Am
Trans Am
Highway Wonderland.
And she shines on the street.
And she shines at the heat.
And she shines in my baby's eyes.
And she shines on every other guy's
Trans Am
Trans Am
Trans Am
Highway Wonderland.
Trans Am!
-2nd solo-
From Daytona Beach down to Riverside
If there's a race, she's qualified.
My six point six gets a little too heavy
For a "Big Balls" Ford or a 350 Chevy
Trans Am
Come on, catch me if you can in my
Trans Am, Highway Wonderland
Trans Am
Trans Am
Me and my Trans Am
Come on, catch me if you can in my
Trans Am, ooh, Highway Wonderland.
Highway Wonderland!!! Yeah!

- Sammy Hagar - Street Machine - Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
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Krishna is a holy man
An example to us all
It's curious the choice he made
When he bought a car last fall
We sent him out to buy a bus
To carry us around
What a big surprise it was
To hear that throaty sound
He drove up in a new Trans Am
With windows tinted black
Seats like buckets, leather brassiere
But there is no room in back
No, there is no room in back

Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Your red Trans Am goes way too fast
Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Or your current life may be your last

Bobs - Shut Up And Sing

Slow Down, Krishna
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when it's all over but the shoutin
when God the father's done his final accounting
and i find out that i made the cut
boys i'm gonna get me a chariot
yeah a big gold eagle on the hood
trans am chariot

gonna find my great great granddaddy
that peace pipe smokin cherokee
gonna get him all schooled
in them mags and struts
then we gonna drag us a chariot
yeah a big gold eagle painted on the hood chariot

Gretchen Wilson - Miscellaneous

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sing it Rob
Love those Trans Am songs!!!!!!

There aren't that many people who quote or reference the Bobs. Just more evidence of your well-roundedness (made-up word). Way to go!

All I want to know is, what the hell is the ccca and why should I give a rats a$$ about what they have to say a car is or isn't? :devil:
b_bodylover said:
All I want to know is, what the hell is the ccca and why should I give a rats a$$ about what they have to say a car is or isn't? :devil:
I think most people feel the same way. CCCA = Classic Car Club of America.
I think most people feel the same way. CCCA = Classic Car Club of America.
Thanks for the rapid response, Mark. :thumbsup: I kinda figured it out right after I posted. DOH! Thanks again for the confirmation anyway. And to those cheese eaters at the ccca... :tongue:
"Classic" or "Classical" as a descriptor is apparently as misunderstood in the automotive venue as it is in the musical venue. The average person thinks that Bach, Haydn, Sibelius, Grieg and Mahler are all Classical Composers, yet technically, only one is.

Also, I think some linguistic clarification is called for. Is the '66 Mustang Fastback being called a "Classic Car" or a "Classic Mustang"? It may not be the former, but it is definitely the latter.

Finally, if you really want to argue the root of the problem, the only reason that "Classic Car" only applies to cars made between 1925-1948 is more because somebody DECIDED on this particular definition. Actual linguistic usage (by the masses) would indicate otherwise. So it all comes down to whether you believe in Oxford's Proscriptive Linguistic Rules of Usage or Webster's Descriptive Study of Linguistic Development.
I have to go with Oxford. No, wait, Webster. Nope, it's Oxf.... Whoops, it's beer-thirty, I gotta go!


Actually, not quite true. If you go to the website of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) they do explain what they mean by "Classic Car" (and they always capitalize the two words). CCCA was formed about 1950, for the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the great, grand luxury cars of the era 1925-1940, which is pretty much the era of the handmade, custom-bodied superluxury cars in the US (stuff like Packards, Pierce Arrow, Cadillac, Duesenberg, etc.). At the beginnings, they were quite picky about what they would admit to their registry as a "Classic"--back then, with the exception of a very few marques, the car had to be an open body (roadster, phaeton, cabriolet--fancy term for a convertible--from the above mentioned time period. As they went along, CCCA entertained applications for admission to Classic Status by owners of cars who felt their's deserved this sort of recognition--finally coming to encompass every body style made by most of the luxury car makers, with that recognition coming only by majority vote of both their board of directors, and the membership--sometimes, a lot of politicking went on. Over the years, also, CCCA has de-listed a number of cars, simply because there weren't any at various times listed on the membership rolls, and it was felt that perhaps their recognition had been not in the best interest of maintaining the standard they wanted to portray. Today, however, a CCCA-recognized Classic Car is something pretty special--go to Auburn IN over Labor Day weekend, see what some of these cars bring at auction.

As for the CCCA being at issue with the use of the word "classic" to define any car at all, they freely admit they cannot be any sort of arbiter out there in the old-car hobby, as the club has no trademark or copyright on the term "classic car", or even the descriptive word "classic". They also publicly acknowledge that within any given marque, there are cars that are truly the "classics" of that marque (Classic 55-57 Chevy, Classic Mustang come to mind here). However, they can, and do, restrict the recognition, within their club ranks, to just those cars which meet their criteria, that's all. In this, CCCA's definition is recognized, and used by most all other antique car clubs and organizations, even World-wide. But, you won't be in any trouble if you have a Gremlin, a Pacer, a Chevette, even a Yugo, and want to call it a classic--it's just that CCCA won't, nothing more, nothing less!

See ya at Fest!

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I like your explanation better than mine.

(climbs up onto soapbox)....

AHEM .....

"I think the CCCA are a bunch of doo-doo heads. Who are they to arbitrarily decide which car is a classic and which cars are not? And how nice of these guys back in 1950 to decide that no "classic" cars will be built after their chosen date? What if these morons founded this group in 1912 and would never recognize all the great cars designed after that date?"

"That being said, it's nice that somewhere there is a voice of reason to declare that just because something is old, or rare, or wildly popular, that doesn't neccessarily make it a "classic" ..... however, "classic" is something that can be built at any point in time, and be deemed that for a variety of good reasons, but only after a specified amount of time, as no car should be deemed an "instant classic".... but to say that these should be the chosen "deciders" and that their criteria are the correct ones, is self egrandizing."

"Thank you"

Mr. "My opinion is the correct one" Pomposity, esq.

(climbs down off of soapbox)
:tongue: :eek:
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