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I bought a good deal of stuff from Tom when PM was sold .There was it looked like 50 plus skids of toys and toy items that was not at the time for sale. I was running around epay and found pmvault is selling his stuff now "

We've been assigned by Tom Lowe, former President/Owner/Founder of Playing Mantis to thin out his extensive Johnny Lightning collection. If you are a collector, you need to bookmark our site and add us to your favorite sellers. Whatever you are looking for, there is an excellent chance that we will offer it. We have a huge inventory that we still haven't gotten our arms around but anticipate that we will be MONTHS disposing of this inventory. Check back often and fill those holes in your collection."

Now if you go to thier feedback .It looks like they are buying a few for him too.I see a railroad crossing in the future? maybe a few studes too?

What do you think?
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