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Was at Wallet-Mart today ,parusing the diecast isle...Midway thru it I noticed some castings that looked(unfortunately)like the HWs Hardnose series castings,called HOODZ...Hmmm...Maisto on the package?
I ask you...As unpopular as the HWs versions seem to be around here...Why? Do we really need anymore "Bee stung" frontend,over exagerated to the point of being butt-ugly replicas of (some fairly desirable year cars/trucks...in "normal" state)what was surely a regretable mistake by the 400 lbs. Gorilla(HWs)?

Just an observation, and...None of my change($1.96? with "Real Rubber" tires) will be spent on these HWs wannabes...Let them hang!

Jeff Fleetwood
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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