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Diapet is the name for a series of mostly 1:40 scale die-cast toys made by Yonezawa Toys of Japan. They produced diecast scale models in the 1:40 to 1:60 scale sizes of cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorcyles, commercial trucks, semi/trailer sets, construction and farm vehicles and equipment.

Yonezawa was known as one of the biggest and creative postwar Japanese toy makers. They are sometimes known as just 'Y' or 'Yone'. Some products have only have a label of STS. This is thought to be an importer tag. With thousands of battery operated and mechanical toys made from the 1950's to the 70's, they were one of the more prestigious toy makers in the industry.

Yonezawa is better known for making tinplate toys of particular accuracy and in scales ranging from 1:18 to 1:24. Diapet toys are smaller die-cast replicas. Their quality and realism made them very popular in Asia for both children and collectors alike. They have never had much of a presence in the USA. Diapet toys were made through the 1990s.

Their Diapet Cherica brand is a series of mostly 1:60 scale die-cast toys made by Yonezawa after they took over the Cherryca Phenix brand. Sakura (not K K Sakura) was a another brand of approximately 1:55 diecast cars that was taken over by Yonezawa and included in their Diapet Cheica line up. These were meant to compete with Tomica in the early 70s, but were not as successful and were discontinued in the mid 1970s. They are characterized by silver wheel hubs, metal base plates and fine detailing. Both the Diapet Cherica name and Yonezawa name is on their base plastes.

In the ealy 1990s, the Diapet Collectors Club series were a range of 1:43 white metal (Antimony) models made by Kawabata Kikaku for Diapet and offered in limited numbers to Diapet collectors.

Yonezawa's toy division was transferred to Segatoys in May 1994. The Diapet name is still being used by Segatoys for a line of model trucks and buses. Additionally, the "Diarobo" range of cars that transform into robots was launched in 2015.

Known Diapet Series

Diapet Cherica
Diapet Collection Club
Diapet 50 - possibly only a one car series in 1:50 scale of the Fiat Dino
Diapet Pure Series - a (2) car series with transparent plastic bodies - Honda City Turbo and Toyota Soarer 2000GT Turbo
Car Ingot - a series made to look as if they are made from a single block of metal
Diarobo - a series of plastic 3" toy cars that transform into battle robots

Sourced references -
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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