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I Have a Dell XPS 1530 for sale:

It has Intel T8300 CPU 2.4 Gig
3 Gigs DDR2 Ram
512 8600 GT Video with HDMI OUT (Plug into a Tv Play Games)
Slot Load DVDRW
2MP Camera
Sata 250 Gig Hardrive Western Digital Black Edition 16 mb cache 7200 rpm
Fingerprint Reader
Windows 7 64 Bit
Wireless N (I believe at shop I will check)
9 cell Battery hold about 2 hours give or take while in Use
This laptop is about a year old in good shape has some little dings on palmrest Actually, It came like that from Dell (shipping) But never sent it in delt with it. I paid 1200 for it a year ago. I dont have the software because it was in the box when my wife decided to throw it away?
Im asking 550.00 shipped and I will have pics up Tommorow Thank all
[email protected]
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