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Remember that scene in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" when Stephen Collins is showing the "Ilia Probe" around the Enterprise's Rec Dec? There's a gallery of painting showing a sailing ship, two 20th Century aircraft carriers, a Space Shuttle and a strange double-ringed spacecraft. "All these ships were named Enterprise," Collins explains.

Well, that final "Enterprise" is the Declaration-Class "Enterprise," originally designed by Matt Jefferies for Gene Roddenberry's abortive pilot, "Starship." Since becoming canon in ST:TMP, it's shown up in other ST series, including Voyager and Enterprise. It also gets a big write-up in the original Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology.

And now, here is the Declaration Class in all its glory!

Fantastic Plastic Models has just released the Declaration-Class in 1:350 (the same scale as our Botany Bay and the coming TOS E from Round 2). The 23-piece kit can be built with either the original "Metafier" dome shown in Jefferies' original renderings, or with the football-shaped hangar bay (complete with shuttlecraft) shown in later on-screen incarnations.

Thirteen-and-a-half inches long with rings nine inches in diameter, our kit was patterned by Scott Lowther and cast by Mana Studios. It's now available for $110.00 plus shipping. For more information, please visit:


Thanks for looking!
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