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I think that's a decent subject line for seeking advice ;)

So what I would like is some thoughts on a release agent for the Amazing Mold Putty. In the past I have used liquid RTV (green) for a mold and cheap epoxy resin as my casting material. I make little greeblies for costumes and the like- pins, decorations, that sort of thing and cheap epoxy does well in that use. (note: Epoxy isn't so cheap anymore! what happened, did the epoxy mines of Cardiff run dry? :) )

So in my RTV mold I used acrylic paint as the mold release. It worked perfectly, acting as both release and a kind of base layer primer. I don't know if that was good for the RTV or not, it didn't seem to decay or tear or shrink over the years so it seemed fine.

But Amazing Mold Putty is new to me. I'm sure it must be just another form of RTV and acrylic paint with cheap epoxy resin will work the same. But I'd like to be sure. I'm a little curious why no mold release of any kind is mentioned in the instructions. I would think casting resin or Alumilite might be a little too sticky.

So, for you makers out there, thoughts? advice? Thank you in advance!
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