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Going to hold a dash for cash race Aug 4th at Battlefront Gaming and RC. This event will be open to any class.

10$ bucks per class with a 40% payout:cool:

50% to First
25% to Second
25% to Third

20 guys in the class will pay out ($80 in the pot)
1st= $40

This will be a Fun event to raise money to build a new oval with new clay before the winter season starts

Classes are

13.5 2wd late model
10.5 4wd late model blinky
10.5 4wd late model open no air dam
open sprint
street stock 13.5 blinky
sc 2wd late model open no pin tires
1/8E late model
stadium truck 13.5

open buggy (bar style tire only)
open sc (bar style tire only)
open 4wd sc (bar style tire only)

pits indoors or bring your canopy and table and pit outside

We will do 3 and a Main:thumbsup: Racing starts at 6pm

pm me about any questions

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So i was just wondering. If you pay out 50% for first 25% for second and third, how does John make any money for the new oval??????
10 bucks a class

6 to john for oval
4 back to the racers

per entry

if there are 20 racers in a class thats 80 bucks in the pot for the top 3 drivers of a-main

first would get 40 and 20 each to second and third

john now has 120 towards construction :wave::wave::wave:
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