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Last weekend the first ever 1/8th scale electric buggy and truggy national championships were held at the MRC Senden club in Southern Germany. Being an open championship the race attracted drivers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. The race weekend started with perfect weather conditions and a track surfaces that started to show signs of blue groove but come Saturday the weather turned to the worst as heavy rain converted the track into a mud puddle. As the weather forecast promised sun and warmer temperatures for Sunday the race director cancelled all activities – read: the four qualifying rounds – on Saturday in favour of two quick qualifiers on Sunday morning.

As promised Sunday morning greeted the drivers with warmer temperatures and a drying track that was perfectly prepared by the Senden club members. In the Buggy class it was Daniel Reckward who made the most of the two rocket rounds and took TQ with his Mugen MBX-6 Eco. In the Truggy class Kyosho driver Tim Bremicker outperformed Jörn Neumann who drove a Team Durango DEX408T Truggy prototype. In the semi finals Jörn was able to improve in the Buggy class as he took pole position in front of Daniel Reckward for the 15 minutes final. In Truggy Tim conserved his performance and took pole from Jörn.

Come the Buggy final it looked like Jörn would be able to control the race but pressure from Daniel and a driving error around the eight minutes mark cost him dearly as he not only lost his concentration but also second and third place as he finished in fourth position after the 15 minutes race. Daniel was able to cruise to the victory and the German Championship title with Carsten Keller (Kyosho) and Patrick Hofer (Team Associated) in second and third place.

Top 12 results Buggy
1. Daniel Reckward – Mugen/LRP/LRP/LRP – 25R 15:19,6
2. Carsten Keller – Kyosho/Orion/Orion/Orion – 25R 15:25,6
3. Patrick Hofer – Team Associated/Hacker/Hacker/Hacker – 25R 15:29,5
4. Jörn Neumann – Team Durango/Tekin/Speed Passion/Thunder Power – 25R 15:30,1
5. Hannes Käufler – TLR/Hacker/Hacker/Hacker – 25R 15:38,5
6. Alex Hardt – TLR/LRP/LRP/LRP – 24R 15:07,3
7. Stefan Scheuenpflug – S-Workz/LRP/LRP/LRP – 24R 15:11,4
8. Markus Metsch – Team Associated/Hacker/Ace/Reedy – 24R 15:13,0
9. Tim Bremicker – Kyosho/Orion/Orion/Orion – 24R 15:13,3
10. Maik Wiesweg – Mugen/LRP/LRP/LRP – 24R 15:23,3
11. Ralf Dennenmoser – TLR/Hacker/Hacker/Hacker – 24R 15:29,4
12. Chris Kamman – Team Associated/Ace/Ace/Reedy – 24R 15:32,9

The following Truggy final was a much closer affair right from the start. First placed Tim Bremicker was hard chased by Jörn and while Gerd Strenge’s Team Durango prototype went up into smoke due to a dying speed controller Jörn made use of the confusion and overtook Tim. The Team Durango pilot then shifted into second gear and controlled the field until the end of the race. Tim was able to retain second place although he had his moments during the closing stages of the race. Kyosho team mate Carsten Keller took the remaining spot on the podium.

Top 12 results Truggy
1. Jörn Neumann – Team Durango – 25R 15:34,6
2. Tim Bremicker – Kyosho – 24R 15:10,8
3. Carsten Keller – Kyosho – 24R 15:18,3
4. Frank Lemke – Kyosho – 24R 15:25,2
5. Kim Sitensky – Kyosho – 24R 15:29,5
6. Stefan Reinartz – Thunder Tiger – 23R 15:28,3
7. Dirk Drechsler – Mugen – 23R 15:34,9
8. Edvin Yousefian – TLR – 22R 15:20,0
9. Uwe Chwalek – Team Durango – 20R 14:58,7
10. Dietmar Missel – Team Associated – 20R 15:18,5
11. Julien Schmidt – Mugen – 19R 12.53,5
12. Gerd Strenge – Team Durango – 8R 4:42,920

Thanks for Sebastian Sürstedt for sending the report.

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