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Danhausen was a trade company established in 1921 by Emma Danhausen in Aachen, Germany. They started out selling a variety of items including bicycles and motor scooters. Overtime, they began to focus on toys and by 1971, the company had passed into the hands of the founders Grandsons - Hans Peter Lang and Paul Gunter Lang.

The Lang brothers decided to sell model cars - both over the counter and by mail order. They distributed many different brands of primarily 1:43 scale vehicle models obtained from other makers. They also began publishing the annual Danhausen World Model Car Book in 1971. The last edition - printed in 1993 - of the catalog was 350 pages and listed ~15,000 models.

During the mid 1970s, the Langs contracted with several companies, such as AMR (André Marie Ruf), Tin Wizard, and Western Models to be their desired model suppliers. These were almost exclusively made of white metal. They were marketed by Danhuasen under several different names including 'SD Modelle', 'Metal 43', 'Plumbies' and 'Plumbies Inter'.

Another series name was to go on to become the permanent name of the company as Minichamps by Danhausen. These were a range of racing cars with the first model offered by Danhausen being a Mercedes-Benz 540K made by Western Models.

Though using other companies' products, Danhausen became a name unto itself and as time passed the brothers tried to further their relationship with Western Models - who had supplied Danhausen with diecast for about a decade, by offering to purchase Western Models. But, then owner Mike Stephens declined. Eventually they did purchase AMR and Danhausen became a manufacturer.

During the 1980s, Danhausen moved into making HO scale models. The made many white metal models in either kit or fully assembled. These were called "Metal 87" and included at least 33 different vehicles.

In the 1990s, they introduced their "Metal 43" series of white metal hand built model cars. They were actually made by Western Models in the UK. This line was eventually purchased by Shuco. (when?)

Gunter Lang went on to make the Minichamps range in China of which Western Models produced some early examples.

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