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Same here, and Thanks Dan! I needed that! pig

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That is great. I am very thankful for everyone in the armed services.
It is amazing at the sacrifices they make for this Country.
In the Scouts we say the Pledge of Allegiance with feeling.
You can feel and sence the great Pride of the USA in the room.

With Liberty and Justice for all.

God Bless the VETS!!

My Wifes younger sisters job is to find homes here in Nebraska for Homeless Veterans and get them financial and any other help they need.

We went to the cemetary this weekend with my Wifes family to clean up her parents grave site as we do each year. I asked Gingers sister if she had helped any Vetrans find a home lately. With pride she told me of several cases and you could tell she felt dedicated to doing the most she can to help them find homes and get funds.

One story she told of a pair of twins that lived by the railroad on their property. The railroad workers didn't want the Veterans to leave as my Sister-in-Law was packing up their stuff in her work van that she had removed all the seats out of herself (She is no Muscle Bound lady by any means). They had been living there for 10 years and were not a problem to the railroad. In fact they would notify them anytime people were trying to steal stuff from trains. Kinda like earning their keep.

She explained to them that they were moving into a house. It makes me feel good that my Sister-In-Law is doing this. She is a very caring person with a Masters in Psycology. She has been doing this job for several years now and likes it much beter than her last job.

The world isn't a perfect place but, it is nice to know that there are people out there everyday trying to make it a beter place for Veterans who deserve the best.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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