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Can a HW customizer have too many Dairy Deliverys?

  • What is a Dairy Delivery

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I understand that the casting offers more surface than usual for customizing and that is fine. My personal opinion, and this is in no way intended to downgrade those customs, is that it's been done too many times and it's starting to get repetitive. I have two of them (They came with a lot) and they are just sitting in storage. I would put the Dragbus in the same category. I've never had one cross my hands since they can only be bought on the secondary market here and the prices are just insane. This and the fact that it's been done over and over would not make any kind of blip on my customizing radar.

Cool thread Thorrr, I feel that this discussion was overdue. For those who might feel irritated about my comment, take comfort that my Mother always told me to shut up and I didn't listen to her either.


Gerry :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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