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Can a HW customizer have too many Dairy Deliverys?

  • What is a Dairy Delivery

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When I buy castings for Customizing I buy them by the hundreds.
Beginning back around 2000 I purchased over 500 Jada '57 Suburbans.
That set the ball rolling for quantity purchases.

I don't go out and hit the pegs so I put out requests to friends around Houston and elsewhere around the country to pick up all they see of specific castings.
This has resulted in multiple cases of the same casting and some very lasting friendships.
If I need something for a 100 to 500 Custom project I can easily look through inventory to pick just the right casting.

I have more than 400 Dairys, 100 bought in a single pop, but the numbers of Jada Divcos, or COE Box Trucks each more than doubles that count,

The castings I choose must meet certain criteria requirements for Customizing into Promotional Customs.

Variations don't mean a thing to me because everything purchased is destined for the Stripper.

Besides the Dairy Delivery's my friends have helped me set aside more than 200 each of,

HW SuperBird 300+,
58 T-Bird
47 Chevy
66 Nova
70 Nova
Fat Fender 40 300+
TailDragger 300+
40 Ford Coupe
MBox Hearse 300+
MBox Mini Cooper Van 300+
70 Chevelle
69 Chevelle
69 GTO 300+
70 GTO
59 Caddy 300+
Scorchin' Scooter 300+
64 Lincoln Convertible

69 Camaro Convertible 160 so far
69 Camaro Convertible Classics 114 so far

69 Camaro Hardtop boxes arriving this weekend should total more than 200

These are all just off the top of my head,

In my case too much is never enough.

--CadillacPat the UnCustomizer--
Keeping the ZING in CustomiZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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