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A 'new' brand to Western European countries, is the budget car manufacturer Dacia. They currently have two models at the European market, one being a Sedan and the other being a Station.
As sedans aren't that popular in western Europe, but the stations are, the last one, recently introduced, sells very well.

Luckily we have these cars in 1/64 scale as well! As Dacia is related to Renault someway, the model cars are distributed by Renault.
The sedan is made by an unknown brand. There is no identification where ever found on the casting or packaging. But it does feature an opening boot!
The station, called the MCV, is made by Norev and has no working features, other than suspension.

These cost Euro 3,49 ex tax at www.tinytoycars.com, my webshop.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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