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D & J Raceway

June 3-regular race
9 Sat. 19th annual Sat. Nite Special-all classes
track opens 3:00-practice 3:30 racing 5:00
10-no racing
17-regular race
24-regular race

July 1-regular race
7-Sat 4th annual Ohio Dirt Oval Shoot-out-Raceway 42
8-Sun. Dirt Oval Shoot-Out-D & J Raceway
15-no racing
22-Late Model Special
29-regular race

Aug. 4-5th Annual Belton Motorsports Kings Royal-DODC Race
rain date Aug. 5 no other racing
12-21st Annual D & J Truck Nationals
19-regular race
25- Sat.-25th Annual D & J Open Wheel Nationals
classes-Outlaw Sprint-13.5 edm-2/wheel buggy stock-mini sprint
opening night-track open 2:00 practice 2:30 racing 4:00
26- Sun.-D & C Nationals Championship practice 11:30 racing 1:00

Sept. 9-regular-finial race of the season

For more info call Don at hobby shop 330-682-4266

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I was hoping for more stadium trucks Saturday night.:( But we still had fun! & in a main is always a challenge!!!:thumbsup: Cody was a huntin' me down at the end!He will be unbeatable someday soon. I hope to see everyone next weekend.:wave:

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So, we're looking for some usual suspects for some 2wd buggy:

-Roy and crew (I think this includes some three or another number of individuals)
-Jace (I PMd him, lets see what happens)
Andrew (He only has a mod motor but, I said I'd work with him to get it turned down to 13.5 speed; or, if someone has a spare 13.5 to let him run, that'll work.)

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I'm putting together a Losi MLM. Are they popular there and what are the rules for the class? Box stock? As of now it has the stock motor and servo but no esc. It also has aftermarket shocks. I want to get a brushless sytem to run in it but don't want to get anything till I know what I can run there.


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anyone interested in a 1/10 scale sprint spec class for next year?
something like this. this is just an example.
Losi msc 12SL esc----#LOSB9521=$59.00
Losi msc12L esc----#LOSB#9522=$59.00
Kyosho G20 motor----#KYO70701B=$20.00
Losi LM-32K motor----#LOSB9999=19.00
Reedy WolfPack 6 cell 3600----#ASCCO695=$30.00
ANY 2wd sprint
Losi stock tires:rears-#LOSB7262=$10.00 ----fronts-#LOSB7231=$9.00
another option for tires is custom works rubber tires?
any wheel
front/rear wings must be used
race: 3 minute heats/ 4 minute mains? top qualifyer will start 6th in the AMain 2nd quickest starts 5th and so on. will make for some fantastic racing.

who ever is interested in this class we should all meet up together somewhere in the months to come and talk about it,like esc, motors,batteries,tires etc etc.
we could take a vote on all these things. then we will have a great set of rules to go by :)

i think this would be a great class to start up. i see it being very competitive and no one having an edge,everyone would be equal on the track.
could draw new people to rc,and this class isnt to costly to get into.:) :) :)

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we need to get this 1/10 scale spec sprint class going. if no one likes sprints we could do a 1/10 scale latemodel spec class same rules etc?
heard losi mini sprints/latemodel are discontinued,so parts will become harder and harder to find for them, then their wont be a cheap cheap class anymore. :thumbsup:
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