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Customizing 1/64 scale rims??

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Does anyone know of an online site that sells 1/64 scale tires for customizing? I'm mostly looking for dub style rims. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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this seems to be the most asked question in customizing and the only way to answer it is you have to buy another car with what you want on it.
there are some sites out there that will sell some rims but buy the time you buy them and pay postage you will have spent more money than just buying another car for parts. hot head decal was making tires and rims and if i remember thay were like 12 bucks for 4 of them its been awhile since ive been to that site so i dont know if thay still make them or not and if the price has come down or up on them. hope this helps :wave: later gunn
You didn't hear me sayt his here, but Mattel has this line of cars that have some great wheels for harvesting...
collector143 said:
I'm mostly looking for dub style rims. .
I'm waiting for the first company to make "spinner" rims in 1/64th scale!

I guess most bets would be on Jada...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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