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Looking for someone to paint a custom X-traction body for the trophy for the "Best of Show" award. Please post your suggestions and type of car on the board. I will choose what I feel as the best "Spirt" of the custom show and Fest 2004.

I just need the body, I will supply the chassis ( non-working ) for the base.
The car will be on top of the trophy. All you will get is bragging rights!!!!

You will need to post your suggestions by Saturday August 14, 2002.

I will post and e-mail the winner on Sunday the 15, 2004.

I will pick up the body at Fest 2004, however if the winner is not going, I will pay for shipping to my house for the body. I will need it by the end of the first week in September.

All hobby talk members, please post what you feel would be the best design of the posted suggestions.!!!!. Why this car would be great for trophy????
Only positive - no negative.!!!!!

Pull back bodies allowed.



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