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I was just wondering if anyone out has ever worked on a kit where nothing seemed to go right? I don't mean little things but major ones.

For example, I'm working on a Ertl A (had it and hadn't built one in about 10 years, plus I've learned alot I'll apply to a PL refit). I had to easy off the entire top of the saucer due to using pearl clear coat (it yellows white) instead of just clear. I had to rip it apart once due to me wiring a circuit backwards, another time due to the defector circuit short (the leds just stopped working), and yet another time due to a wire break in the saucer (don't know how that happened either, I always pull a little on a soldered connection to make sure its good). A few months ago, I was having cable instaled and the knocked it off breaking the saucer off. Now today I was doing the last little bit of touch up painting and knocked it over and the sauce broke off (again), the neck broke and an engine broke off. So I have it all back together but when the flashers light, the entire model dim's while they are lit. So instead of ripping it apart (again) I've come to the conclusion that the model is cursed and I'm just going to re-finish the joints and be done with it. My wife wants me to destroy it before the curse spreads.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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