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Learning the lingo of the carvers. What I do is called "power carving" ie using a power rotary tool instead of a knife. Hats off to those who use a knife.

But this is the Cunningham, Maserati TIPO 60, I power carved out of Basswood. I was really tempted to make this a tilt up front end like the 1:1.... But that's still above my skill set. Being that I haven't figured out how to do it. I'm thinking Vac.U.Form... But till that time this fills the slot.

Briggs Cunningham & Bill Kimberley drove this car to an 8th place overall finish. There were two other Cunningham entries in '61. The sister car of the #24. A Maserati TIPO 63, #7 driven to a 4th place overall , by Augie Pabst & Dick Thompson. Another TIPO 63 DNF'd in the 3rd hour due to an accident . That car was driven by Walt Hansgen and Bruce McLaren. Of course I chose the #24 car to do first because it was driven by Cunningham and it had that aerodynamic windscreen.

CunninghamMaseratiTIPO61BasswoodTopRtSdAux.jpg CunninghamMaseratTIPO61LftSdTop.jpg CunninghamMaseratiTIPO61BasswoodTopLftSdAux.jpg
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