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finally found one of those creepster chase cars.does this count as a white lightning! :jest: (just kiddin) also found a few anniversary cars.got the 33 and two lil red express.
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Which Creepster chase did you find? Was it at Biggs?....and isn't that your 3rd 10th anniv. 33?
yep,got it at biggs.its the bonehead and actually this is my 4th 33 but i traded two of them with steve45. i seem to find alot of the anniversary cars.
Cool! I went to Biggs Friday, but couldn't look long. I quickly grabbed the JLPD Tow truck from CG and the purple w/ flames 55 Chevy Zinger. I guess there weren't any WL's? They sure did get a boatload of new stuff though.
yeah they had a bunch of new stuff no whites that i saw.i got one of those tow trucks the other day too.i've seen a few of those 55's and i always pick it up but something dosent look right.does that body look a little big?
The 55 Chevy looks about right to me, but I think the Zinger chassis just makes it look a little funky. Did you stop into HL too? I didn't make it out there on Friday.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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