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from your post, can I assume that the motor is starting to miss when the motor is warm?

1/ Ensure that fuel lines are away from any sources of heat.

2/ Ensure cooling fins are clean so the motor does not overheat.

3/ Put an inline spark tester to see what happens to the spark when the motor dies. This can give us some clues. Maybe, the spark cable has an intermittent break in it?

4/ Check to ensure that the cylinder head bolts are not loose.

5/ Check that your fuel lines are not blocked.

6/ Ensure you have fresh gasoline. Stale gasoline is bad news. Water mixed with your gasoline is also bad news.

7/ Check that you have enough oil and that it is not contaminated with gasoline. Also, ensure the oil is not due for an oil change.

8/ Check that the air filter is not blocked.

Has your motor blown any smoke?
If so, what color (colour) ?

9/ Check that the muffler is not blocked

If the above don't rectify your problem, you may want to check that the carby is not blocked.

When the motor stops, can you restart it? Or do you have to wait a while?

Let us know how it goes.

Al Bunzel
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