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Please allow me to introduce myself...
My name is Chip Bruner and I am the newly appointed ARCOR representative for Coyote Hobbies. Any information you require about our track can be accessed through me. I will do my best to keep everyone informed of new happenings at the Coyote den.

Yours Truly,
Chip Bruner
Coyote Hobbies ARCOR Representative
[email protected]

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Welcome Chip, your going to be a great asset to Coyote Hobbies and it's racers.
Just don't get burnout..Eric can attest to that. :)

In the last several of week, I have had some time to think about things, one of these, is that ARCOR doesn't need "Directors", it needs Track Reps. It needs a racer that is willing to work with the track to plan events, weekly racers, ways to promote their track locally. It needs people willing to help thier track owner, even with little things like sending in the points each week. This is what is going to help oval grow, from with-in.

In the next couple of months there will be some changes in ARCOR, nothing drastic, but things to help it run more efficiently, better contact with the members, tracks and manufactures.

By the end of next week , we will have some good news coing from Coyote. This is one "neat" little carept track, in Lexington, KY., with a great group of racers. With fall fast approaching, Carpet Season just around the corner, it's getting closer to thinking about going indoors..

Again..WELCOME CHIP!! I look forward to working with you.
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