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Found two whites yesterday, both in unusual places. The first was an Auction Insanity '69 Camaro on a T Shirt at Sears (funny, I bought a "sealed inner" of these online, yet had to buy a T Shirt to get a white!). Very nice car.

Next, of all places, I went to the monthly meeting of a Hot Wheels club to pay for two tables for an upcoming diecast show. While I was there, I saw a 10 car set of Mopar Or No Car from two years ago, with the '67 GTX as a white. the guy was asking $20 for it, which was the original price these sold for new. He even had the original receipt tucked in the end flap!

I asked why he wanted just $20, and he said he was selling off a lot of stuff just to get rid of it, and when he showed me the receipt, he chuckled that he was losing money on this set because he wasn't adding in the sales tax that he himself paid. :p I thought $20 was fair even without the WL, let alone with one!!!

Also picked up three CommemorativeToppers, including a pearl white Custom Mako Shark, for four bucks. No, not a white, but a very cool looking car none the less.

Some observations from the meeting:

HW guys tend to want top dollar for their whites (the one guy with the 10 pack also had a first series Poker "chia" car that he wanted $15 for).

The Cruisin' McQueen and Batmobile craze is dead ($7 and $2 respectively)

Treasure Hunts are way over-valued by these guys, as are "exclusives". Waaaay over-valued.

HW made way too many BWF cars to ever consider a serious run at all of them.

I heard stories last night of people trying to steal cars from tables at previous HW shows, was warned to be careful. And to think that at Johnny Jam, not only were tables left completely unattended, but folks watched over each other's tables; and instead of having something missing, I wound up with someone adding a WL to my table!!!!

A different crowd, indeed. :drunk:

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I heard stories last night of people trying to steal cars from tables at previous HW shows, was warned to be careful. And to think that at Johnny Jam, not only were tables left completely unattended, but folks watched over each other's tables;
When we have our local HW meeting we also look out for each other. Very rarely do we hear stories of someone having something missing. I routinely walk away from my table when I get one to look for bargains. Have not had anything missing yet.

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Gadzooks n' Egads!!!

I managed to find a Dukes of Hazard '70 Camaro WL yesterday
before I went to work. I wasn't too happy about how the engine and
engine compartment was painted. Everything was painted green.
RC2 didn't bother to do any detail on this engine at all. I usually
marvel at how they paint the engines . . . but not this time.

Carnut your observations concerning HW collectors are accurate . . .
no matter what part of they are from. I've experienced the same
thing at our Hot Wheel meetings that we have once a month at
a local bar. Its tough to deal with a Hot Wheeler that thinks
all White Lightning are the Holy Grail . . . Not only do they want top
dollar for the pieces, but when it comes to making trades it becomes
extremely difficult; usually they'll want a TH that hasn't hit locally
. . . if they are looking to trade. At the moment we haven't seen
many of the Dairy Deliverys THs (especially the ones on the old card)
and this is what they all seem to be asking for. Oh, they just don't want
one, they want two on the old cards. Over the years I've had to trade
anywheres from two to five THs for one WL. What amazes me is that THs
are much more allusive to find in the Wild than WLs. So far this year my
ratio of finds are four WLs to 1 TH. Due to the scarcity of THs on the
shelves, I should be asking for two WLs for one TH. Of course this is
dillusional thinking on my part, as THs depreciate rather fast.

On the other hand, I must say that I don't like to generalize all of my
observations about Hot Wheel Collectors . . . as there are exceptions
to the rule. I have met several Hot Wheelers that are very reasonable
when making trades. It seems that these particular collectors are much
more intersted in acquiring what they desire in a reasonable fashion, thus overcoming the desire to get the most that they can out of a trade. The
only problem is that they don't always find a WL that I may be interested
in. These particular Hot Wheelers will only ask for one TH when trading.

It may also be that the Hot Wheelers that aren't as demanding may be
humble Collectors, and the ones with higher demands may simply be
dealers and scalpers.

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carnut2256 said:
Start your own get-together, there are plenty of HT members throughout Cal. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Gadzooks N' Egads!!!!

Carnut do you remember the map that had depicted the locations of all
of the hobby talk members on the Board throughout the country? If I
remember correctly, both Nevada and California didn't even have enough
active members to fill a compact car. The only major Hobby Talk 'Get
Togethers' we have here is when I go to visit Steve . . . (fe428cj). I guess
that one Johnny Lightning guru (fe428) equals out to about ten average
hobby talk members anyways. I've sure learned a lot from Steve over the
years, and find myself continually awed when we do speak together.
At the moment he's a bit disillusioned about this years releases, not to
mention his disgust over what WLs are available on E-Bay. He used to buy
so many WL over the years, however this isn't the case any longer. It
wasn't unusual for him to be receiving five or six cars a week from his E-Bay
purchases . . . now its almost nada!!!

It appears that one of the largest concentrations of members are in
the New England area . . . not out West.

BradDunn lives here as well, yet he doesn't appear to be an active
member from my observations on the Board.
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