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Got my Vote 2000 Collector Club car today from ebay. Came in this really cool "Protecto-Pak". Covers the whole card. Is this something I could order for my other small card cars? Really nice. My others are in zip lock baggies (sorry if thats an insult but they hang on the wall with no dust that way). If this is a product I can order I could sure use a few more.
Then I was checking out the rubber tire guide on Lightning Lane. Still not up to par on that yet. I have a few with "Goodyear" on the tires. Is this the difference between plastic? On a couple of my old GTO's I perfer the redlines.
As you can tell I am not much of an opener. Still learning and loving it... running out of wall space! Cant just box them up, gotta show them all off!
Glad I'm single, if I had a wife I would have already been committed!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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