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Available in 5 great color combinations and just in time for the holidays.....

Check page 105 of my book, The Complete Color Guide to Aurora Slot Cars for a description of these beauties.....


1- white body with red stripe like the original
2- white body with blue stripe (lighter than the original)
3- yellow body with black stripe like the original
4- black body with white stripe (new variation)
5- orange body with black stripe (new variation)

They will be in stock on Tuesday, Dec 8th so get your orders in early. We hope to sell out fast.....
Due to production requirements and costs we were limited in the amount of each car we could produce.
They will not be reproduced in these color combinations again.

Price is $10 each body only...........
they can be ordered thru [email protected] or call him 917-575-1981 contact him directly.
Feel free to email me directly for any product information.

A few exclusive dealers have stepped up to be included in our distribution network. Feel free to contact them directly.
Chris Marin TjetRacer
Harry Nonnemacher Harry20
Joe Corea NJ Nostalgia
Buds HO
Bobby's Hobbies. (florida)
partspig Dennis Sieck
Luckybob (tentative)

If you may be interested in purchasing at dist. discount, minimum order requirement is 100 pcs (20x5).
We plan on limiting the discounted network to 10. email me privately

Bob mr_aurora Beers

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