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I will have five sets of one of each of the following cars for sale:
69 Camaro SS Ragtop : Black w/ Flames
69 Camaro SS Ragtop: Orange w/ RPO DX1 Hood Stripes
71 GTO Zinger : Black w/ Flames
71 GTO Zinger : Purple Rebel Rod w/ #10 on side
All cars are serialized on base 1/1000. I will have the cars after October 1st
but want to arrange sales now. I will sell the 4 car sets for $40 with Free Shipping. I do not want to break the sets. Email to: [email protected]
Pictures of the cars are on the discussion page under cool collectibles.
I am purchasing 24 of these cars to get 2 WL's and wish to get some
of my money back. I thought those that do not want the WL's would
like the chance to get these cars for $3.00 less each than I paid.

Regards, DrDeal
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