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Considering a new vacuformed sports car.

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The club that I'm a member of had their first road course race on Sunday, I campaigned my usual: a 10+ year old 440X2 Stront magnet stock arm car with silicone tires. I did well, finishing 3rd out of a field of 13. I had some handling problems, especially when going through the three 3" hairpins this guy set up into his track. I ate their lunch on the straights though. I ran my tried and true 1990 sports car body painted like a Ford Fusion, but I was running against a lot of ALMS style cars, in both hard plastic and vacuformed. So, I'm now thinking about building an updated buck for my team, and have considered the following choices:

Being a Ford guy (I work for a Ford dealership) it'll have to be based on a Ford model, or at least be able to be called a Ford when it's all done. Like the Cadilliac LMS cars they do have some sort of resemblence to the STS, at least in the grill. Since the Fusion is the current Tour de Force in Ford Motorsports, I will probably try to work it's grill into this scratch built project.

Another choice is to base it off of a diecast. lately I've converted a few for vacufroming, and I have two VW Karma Ghia's coming from a diecast retailer. One was to be converted for a mini stock project, the other was to be a static race car for the infield. Now I'm considering making it a LMS style car, and I think it has serious potential. Imagine, a sort of roof scoop extending back over where a Porsche V12 would live, and a nice wing on the back. The rear seat area would be basically engine bay.

A third choice would be to reproduce an existing ALMS or D Competetion car, and while that's a lot of work it's not out of the question. For durability's sake, a diecast conversion is the better way.

So what should I do? Take the cowards way out and do the diecast, even if it's something other than a Frankenstein Karman Ghia, or built it up from scratch? What would you guys like to see?
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Just catching up with this thread guys, sounds like some cool stuff going on...

Yes, Real Life (tm) is getting in the way at the moment. Work has been crazy, I am heading off to the fray tonight with Team Northwest, and the week after I get back I am heading to Orlando with the family for a week to get my brain re-aligned. I do have a sweet new Brystal track in my garage, she is a beaut! It's funny, 2 of my 3 prized possessions sit in the garage, the Brystal and the 65' Skylark. My little boy stays in the house with me. :)

As for new stuff for testing, definitely send them to Bill before me, in fact Bill, I may send you some of what Petey has sent me to give them a whirl as well. I just have had no time at all for anything. That being said, the Pintos and 2007 late model is going absolutely nowhere. They are going to look sweet on my G-Jets. ;)

Talk to you guys soon!

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