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Pete McKay said:
Ahhh, the GT has been around for....man, 40 years??? Great choice, but I was hoping for something more original. A lot of Le Mans Series cars have some basis in a production car, like I said with the Cadilliac. I'll work on an idea on paper, see how you guys like it.

BTW, when my dealership got the GT we each got to drive it a few miles...with a Saleen Mustang in chase. My dealership is located in North Fresno, near the city limits and right next to a freeway. Now, the sales manager said we weren't supposed to speed, but out of 11 sales associates, who do you think got the ONLY ticket for speeding with it? Yup, the sales manager...doing 93 in a 70 zone. Another 2 MPH and the car would have been impounded for 25 over in a highway zone. We still haven't let him live it down.
Pete,the GT 40 has been around for around 40 years.I was talking about the NEW Ford GT.
Ford guy. :wave: :tongue:

I used one of the Johnny Lightning diecast ones as a buck awhile back.
They came out really wel.So well in fact I might actually cast a buck for then.

Wouldnt it be great if they sold bucks at "Just-A-Buck"?????

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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