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Brett Patti is another one of our WEST COAST racers who's been at it a lot of years...

matter of fact, back in 1992 Brett finished 3rd in the STOCK Class at the RCTHUNDERDROME race at the old DOMINGUEZ HILLS Velodrome...

Well, 2009 marked Brett's first season of chasing points in the SWTour Series. While Patti also races at the local series at Jimmy Babcock's Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus CA, this year Brett and his son Brandon traveled to ALL the out of town 'TOUR' events.

This years points battle was a great one between Brian Bond, Art Hernandez, Bryan Myers and others all season long, but Patti would get the points lead away from Bond at the final Carpet race of the year to capture his FIRST SWTour Championship.

Brett - CONGRATS...and you better keep looking over your shoulder...that KID of yours is gaining on you fast!!
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