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What is the best program out there that will work with 1\4 scale as well as 1\10 scale electrics in the same show ? Prices and web pages please
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I know that J-lap does not work for 1/4 scale racing. The Michigan club bought it and had nothing but trouble. They are now using RC Scoring Pro with great sucess. The Indy Quater Scale Racers are using RC Scoring Pro and we have great sucess with our latest version.
If you loop is too far away from the transponders or if the gain is set to low on the box you will have trouble. If you have dead or weak batteries in the transponders you will have problems. RC Scoring Pro has an alert if a racers transponder signal is weak so you can watch for missed laps and you can have the racer use a different transponder.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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