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What is the best program out there that will work with 1\4 scale as well as 1\10 scale electrics in the same show ? Prices and web pages please
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We changed from Autoscore to RcScoringPro this year at Lagoon Park. Autoscore works fine, but will never setup the mains the way we do in 1/4 scale. We worked with Doug on the Quarterscale option for RcScoringPro, and it will run Qualifying and setup the mains per the QSAC rule book. We only use pt's at our track, but it will work with house transponders as well. RCSP also saves the results for each race in a folder in PDF, HTML and text for posting or emailing, and the points manager is super nice and easy! Oh and we got a lot of thank you's during our NCS event for the auto lap time anouncement feature during practice.

There was quite a learning curve, and Doug made several tweaks for us along the way. I've called his cell phone several times during an event ( including this past saturday, turned out to be a hardware issue) to ask how to do something, and he always available. Can't ask for better support. There has been some issues, but Doug is a phone call or email away and can/will email updates as necessary.

Now as to running Qsac format and a 10th scale format during the same show is another challenge, but it can be done. If you end up with RCSP and need to know more, JLMK.

David Popham
Lagoon Park Raceway
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What do you guys do different for Q Scale line up vs. say 1/10th scale oval?
Quarterscale races for position on the track, not against a clock. Our mains are setup based on finishing positions in the heats, not related at all to the time it takes to complete the heats.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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