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What is the best program out there that will work with 1\4 scale as well as 1\10 scale electrics in the same show ? Prices and web pages please
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I have got lots of experience with Autocue and it works great, make sure you have the latest version because some versions do have bugs. The early versions were a work in progress. The transponders need to be fully charged in order for them to work properly, that means they should be charged, all lights should be green, before you get to the track, otherwise you will have trouble with them.
Did anyone with personal transponder have problems? :) If the transponder is not charged it will give you trouble and not count correctly.

You really need to get the software upgraded.

I just did some research and the transponders are to be charged 12 hours or until all the lights go green which will be several hours. I used to charge the transponders the day before the race and then keep them charging at the track when I was help some other tracks around here.
If you have been charging them like that then you probably have bad transponder batteries, Charging them for a week before the race cannot be good for them.

Here is a free counting system I have seen used for electrics, http://www.rctiming.com
not sure how it will work for 1/4 scales. Here is a link to others, http://www.rctiming.com/competition.shtml. Just do not want to see you guys spend money when you do not need to.

I do know on some versions of Autoscore, if you edit the database it will mess it and the mains will be screwed up. They have it fixed in later versions.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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