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I have a Dell Latitude C610 laptop and a Dell Latitude C640. C640 Battery lasts about 45 minutes. Might need to be replaced soon.

160 USB IOMEGA Hard Drive- Used 1 time to transfer a 10 GB Image.

Linksys Wireless Router - 802.11B

20 GB IDE Hard Drives - About 25 of them.

40 GB IDE Hard Drives - about 10 of them


Gateway E3400 - Great for your kids so they dont break yours....

Dell GX110 - Similiar to the Gateway!

I'm open to all RC trades but the following are what I really am looking for

- Nitro Truck
- Truggy

Anything else RC. I've been out of the hobby for about 3 years so most of my equipment is outdated.

Thanks for looking.
I will reply to all messages.

Email - [email protected]

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where are you located...
i am interested in a laptop...can you send me pics and some info on them?
i have a 12th scale that has never been run

maybe some electronics
i have some pretty good servo's
maybe a speedo or 2
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