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Superior (USA) only carries a redirect to Comet Metal Products which is noted to have be a firm located in New York founded by the Sloman brothers prior to WWII.

They made models in two scales for the military as training tools. One scale in 1:36 were known as the "Teacher Scale" with the second scale in 1:108 known as the "Student Scale". Both of these series were cast in lead.

After the end of WWII, the 1:108 series were made commercially available as Superior's brand of "Authenticast" series products. They also introduced a line of HO scale military castings later on.

In the early 1960s, Superior was still distributing their "Authenticast" series.

By 1984, the line had been aquired by the Alexandria, Virginia based Quality Castings. They offered the castings as metal model kits.

No direct relationship is known to Superior Models Inc.

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