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I don't do Color Shifters much but I thought this one was cool. It goes from black to black with flames. It is pretty pointless for it to have flames but I liked it lol. It's a nostalgia thing too, I would have loved it as a kid so I thought I should have it as an adult haha.

I don't know if it's new or not, I just noticed it while walking by the Color Shifters.

It's funny how I skipped the Batmobile that it made sense to be a Color Shifter, the Tumbler that goes from camo to black but I got this one. I skipped the other because I thought the casting didn't look so hot. I think this one's pretty good.

I found another I got for nostalgia reasons, the blue/glow in the dark Deora II. I would have really loved this one as a kid! It's got strong glow with enough light charge, it glows when it's blue too.

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