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Started in 1987, Funrise Toy Corporation and Code 3 Collectibles were headquartered in Van Nuys, CA. They were founded by Arnie Rubin, who is both CEO of Funrise and Code 3 Collectibles. He is also the Vice Chairman of Matrix, which owns both Funrise and Code 3 Collectibles as Matrix Holdings Limited based in Los Angeles. Their focus was to make high quality, limited edition die-cast models of emergency and firefighting vehicles available in various real world liveries used through out the United States.

A Chevrolet Suburban and a Ford ambulance are part of their 1:64 scale range called "Code 3 Collectibles".

They also made a serie called "Laser Stampeders" of 4x4 monster trucks.

They also offered (marketed) the same Takara Penny Racers that Blue Box did.

Code 3 Collectibles also held licenses to create collectibles for Smithsonian Air and Space Products, Star Wars licensed products, and a line of 3-D movie posters under the brand Legendary Casts.

In 2011, Code 3 Collectibles ceased production, but continued to sell their remaining stock via internet based sales.

Funrise currently owns and makes the Tonka brand of vehicles. (Another resource notes Tonka is owned by Maisto.)

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Code 3 Collectibles Will Cease Production After 2011
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