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Climate controlled storage

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Hey guys,

I'm moving out of my dad's house here in the next week, and he's selling the house here soon(hopefully). I can't take really any of my collection with me aside from a few small displays. He's going to be getting a storage unit for the things he doesn't/can't take with to wherever he moves in to..whether and apartment or condo...and said I'm more than welcome to drag all my crap there.

He asked if any of the cardboard cards or boxes will be affected by extreme hot/cold weather that IL seems to have every year, and I had no clue really.

Would the cardboard cards/boxes warp or get damaged by sitting in IL winter/summer weather? Or would it be best to get something climate controlled?
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Anything plastic, will warp or crack under extreme heat if left for a long time...(it happen to me before espeacially JLs) I had car with Plastic hard tops, chassis in boxes that either got warp or melted and same with some of my GL cars that was made with Plastic top.....Climate controlled Storage is the way to go my opinion.....Good luck on yr move....:thumbsup:
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