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Marty said:
Weather is crappy here so I took the time to clean my recent aquisition Porsche T-Jet.

It did run when tested, only hummed. The corrosion looks typical of T-Jets stored in the original cases with the foam. BE AWARE!! - THE FOAM RETAINS MOISTURE!! While it looks cool to have the original packaging, it is harmful to the cars.

Yup bare foam's a bugger on copper. Not only does it attract moisture, but there is a certain amount of out gassing as it ages/decays.

Try modern automotive headliner material available at any good upholstery shop. It has the correct width foam on one side and a very soft synthetic cloth liner on the other. I use it cloth side up. It's like the stay dry liner in your rugger's "Pampers". I've been using black as I find it stylish and practical. It doesnt show the inevitable grease spots and tire smudges. :cool:
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